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Our Constant Disregard for the Environment

We live in a world where every materialistic thing we love is derived from the environment. Yet, somewhere along the lines, we forgot to share that love with our environment. The music we love oh so much, would not be possible with out trees, yet we don’t bother to think about that when we see a guitar. We feel no respect towards nature for blessing us with the things we love. Now, why is that?

I have a working theory that because we don’t see all of the hard work that goes into our products, like society used to, we no longer feel a sentimental value towards them. Instead we live by out of sight out of mind. We don’t even think about what is happening to the constant flow of trash we impetuously throw away each day or the amount of work that went into making and delivering our products. All we know is that when we order something off of Amazon, it magically appears on our doorstep within 2 days.

I believe that the first step to solving our waste problem is knowledge and responsibility. If people care more about the longevity of a product rather than the one use of a plastic spoon, people would be more willing to save and reduce. If we realize the impact each and everyone of us have and we take accountability, we can work towards a more sustainable world.

But then again I’m just a girl who loves her environment. Also, in case you do not believe that our environment deserves protecting, here are a few other reasons.

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Article & Photography by Darla Christensen

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