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Courtship @ Paradise Rock Club

Winter was a busy season for up-and-comers Courtship, who set off on tour supporting big names such as The Wombats, Passion Pit, and Weezer. Courtship made their way around the states and found themselves in Boston, Massachusetts with The Wombats and Nation of Language. Eli Hirsch and Micah Gordon deemed this tour the “We’re Going to Be Freezing Tour,” a testament to their LA home.

With six songs currently released, Courtship are definitely still new on the music scene, but their slowly growing discography does not correlate to the immense talent they have. Synth-heavy songs and floating vocals put Courtship in the same stylistic boat as an early MGMT or M83. Over the course of their performance, Courtship ran through indie poptimism songs like “Tell Me Tell Me” and “Sunroof” sending the audience into fits of dancing.


Eli Hirsch broke the set with a brief chat to talk about how grateful he was to be playing a sold-out venue in Boston – not because it’s a huge milestone, but rather because Boston was special to him: it was in Boston where he first made out with a girl at summer camp and nothing can ever top that. Towards the end of their set, Courtship covered Outkast’s greatest hit “Hey Ya,” to a crowd of faces that grinned as brightly as the yellow smiley face Courtship has stamped on their album art.

Courtship truly are a band to look out for, whether it be on your Spotify Indie Summer playlist, or on their next eventual tour. In the cold of winter, Courtship used their infectious, sunshine-soaked pop to truly make the concertgoers feel as warm and happy as if they were at home.
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Interested? Check out their Spotify here!

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Article & Review by Samantha Schraub


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