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A "Lovely" Interview with Aira

Upon first listen, Aira caught my attention with her sweet voice and catchy beats, and she is sure to do the same to you. Listen to her sing about things we have all experienced, while somehow making them sound fresh and new. Read on to hear about how she got started, her biggest inspirations, and appreciating the little things.

Listen to her music here.


Photo by @cabeej

Let’s start with the basics. When did your interest in music begin, how old are you, and what was the process like actually starting to record/ create?

I started singing when I was just 3 years old. I used to sing Britney Spears’ songs in front of my family. But when I got into high school, I started making covers of popular songs and put them up on my Soundcloud when I was 14. At that time, I didn’t really have the courage to make my own songs yet because I thought it would be very awkward for a 14 year old in a very strict environment to be writing about feelings. Now I’m 19 and I just started making music and writing my own lyrics with just my laptop and an electronic keyboard.

Now let’s learn more about your technique. What is your writing process/how do you approach creating new content?

I just randomly play the piano, then make beats, and when I like the tunes I make something out of it. I never know how I do it but I just end up making something and liking it. I only write songs late at night because I’m in college and mostly at school during the day time.


Photo by @cabeej

I think that with many people, certain songs can immediately spark a familiar, nostalgic feeling deep within them. What is one song, or who is one artist that does this for you, and how do they make you feel?

I feel like Frank Ocean makes me feel so much. His song ‘White Ferrari’ makes me cry every time I listen to it, but I also love The Walters so much. They make me sad, or sometimes feel very in love. They have really good songs.

Bouncing of that idea, what do you want listeners to feel while hearing your music?

I just want them to vibe with the tunes and relate to the lyrics., or even think about someone when they’re listening to the love songs I make.


Photo by @cabeej

The world is a heated, controversial place right now. In the midst of all this negativity, what is one thing that in your opinion we should all appreciate more?

I personally think that we should appreciate our freedom more. Our freedom of speech, our freedom to use the internet. The internet has connected us more than ever. We grieve, we laugh, we relate with people around the world, people from places we would never imagine going to. Even to this day there are still people out there who are oppressed, unheard, longing for their voice to be heard. I think that we should all appreciate the freedom that we have, and should fight for the freedom of others.

Are you hoping for music to continue to grow for you into a full time career? What are some other hobbies or forms of art that you enjoy doing?

If given the opportunity, I would love to do this forever. Also, sometimes I like making short video clips or like montages with my iMovie app. Nothing interesting, really.

What is one dream project you want to accomplish in your life, and how would it change the world?

I’d love to make more songs and inspire people through my music and send a message to my listeners.

Artists seem to write best about feelings or experiences they have personally been through. In your song ‘lovely,’ you seem to write about ways not only you seem to have felt, but also probably all your listeners. Can you explain exactly what you meant by the lyrics and what you hoped others would understand from it?

It’s just a concept that I made for someone who likes this boastful person so much, but at the same time he/she finds him/her annoying. You know that type of crush you just can’t resist. “I know I shouldn’t tell you what’s on my mind, you’ll just flatter yourself, oh baby, you know love is blind,” because if they knew what you were thinking they would feel good about themselves and that would make them even more confident in talking to you, or they would even brag about how you think they’re so good looking.

People often list artists in categories of similar styles. What are three artist you would want to be compared to, and why?

I know so many artists that I feel like I vibe with. My friends Mads and Beth (lazygirl) makes the same music too, and they’re so good at it. But I don’t think I’d want to be compared to other artists, because even if I wanted to, I don’t think they would love to be compared with me, because first and foremost, I’m not that good and people don’t know me yet.

And lastly, your chance to get a final word in. For readers who had, prior to this, never heard of you, what is the most important thing we should know about you? Also, add any extra announcements or hints to future projects.

Hi! I’m Aira and I’m from the Philippines. I have so many upcoming collaborations with many artists, we’re releasing the songs as soon as possible, and I’m also planning to release an EP this year so stay tuned!


Photo by @cabeej

I was stoked when I received this opportunity to see into the life of Aira, a college student and musician. I enjoyed hearing how she writes her music, and I hope this can inspire some of you to pursue your dreams regardless of what else you have going on. Wait for it, because she has big plans coming!

Article by Rose Goetsch 

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