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“Take Me Higher" – Review of Almost Monday's Latest Single

On November 1st, San Diego indie rock four-piece Almost Monday released a new single, “Take Me Higher.” The band, comprised of Dawson Daugherty (vocals, bass), Luke Fabry (guitar), Cole Clisby (guitar), and Daniel Griffo (drums), formed in 2016.
“Take Me Higher” is an infectiously catchy song that you’ll like more and more every time you hear it. It opens with a dancey and slightly funky synth and guitar line, before bassist and vocalist, Dawson Daugherty, smoothly delivers his unique vocals. Daugherty lets out effortless high notes with a bluesy twinge, like a cross between LANY and Kaleo, while the song is held together by it’s synth riffs and drum fills. The instrumentation grows over time, culminating in a danceable track that also features a crisp and dreamy guitar solo. The song ends with a final repeat of it’s catchy chorus, and a energetic and intense guitar riff to top it off.
Overall, this is a joyful and well put together single, a fun and infectious track that makes you want to snap along to the beat and dance your heart out. Almost Monday does a great job of keeping the energy up for the whole song, with well placed bass lines and instrumental breaks. In my opinion, the future looks promising for these four, and I can’t wait to see what’s next in their career.

(Photos received from band’s personal website)

Review by Holden Lay 

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