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"We All Live in a Bright Yellow House" – An Interview with Sure Sure

Currently touring with the boys of Hippo Campus, the rising indie rock group, Sure Sure, took some time to chat with us via email. These artists-to-watch have surely been making a name for themselves in music since they first began in Los Angeles, California in 2014. Keep reading to learn more about how they first began, what tour’s been like, and their bright yellow house-turned-studio with a landline telephone in East LA. Their American Dream.

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Photo by Zach Bell


  1. Can you give me some background on you guys, like how you first met and began playing music together?

Chris (vocals, keys, synths) and Charlie (vocals, guitar) met their first year of college and formed a band immediately. While living in SF after graduation, they started a long distance relationship with drummer Kevin, who was living in LA and gaining a following writing jokes on twitter. Before long, Chris and Charlie moved down to LA into producer/engineer Mike Coleman’s house and so it was that Sure Sure truly began. Now we all live in a bright yellow house-turned-studio with a landline telephone in East LA. It’s the American Dream.


Photo by Desiree Diaz

  1. How would you guys describe your musical style?

Left field pop. Stadium jazz. Sunny Radiohead.

  1. Who are your biggest musical influences?

Nick Drake, Feist, Tame Impala, Anderson Paak, George Harrison, Sufjan Stevens, The Beatles.

  1. What’s your favorite moment from performing live?

The first time we sold out the Satellite in Los Angeles last July was an insane moment. For the second half of the set we couldn’t hear ourselves singing the hooks because the crowd was singing over us.

  1. What’s your favorite song you’ve written and why? What’s the song that you’re most emotionally attached to that you’ve written so far?

Gonna have to do individual faves here:
Charlie: my two favorites are probably Information Machine’ andNew Biome.’ Info Machine because it was a strangely spiritual experience when I wrote it, it felt like the universe (or whatever) was ringing me like a bell. Sometimes writing songs can get weird like that. And New Biome because it was a serendipitous musical product of two non musical things: our band obsession with Minecraft, and a burst pipe that took out the first floor of our house with water damage.
Kevin: My new favorites are ‘Solstice Song’ and ‘Foreign Room.’ I’m a sucker for bedroom jams. Hearing Solstice or Foreign Room transports me to exactly where we were and what was going on in my life when we recorded them, so I’m most emotionally attached to those.
Mike: I love ‘Lowlife’ – the recording is high energy while still being sparse in its arrangement.
Chris: I like ‘Foreign Room,’ because it’s one of our best arrangements – minimal yet expansive, with very nice interlocking parts. I also like ‘Giants’ and ‘Koreatown’ because the instrumentals are less meticulous and thought out, but we captured a raw and scrappy energy that I find fascinating.


Photo by Timbre Concerts

  1. If you weren’t in a band making music, what would you want to be doing?

Charlie: Writing and studying books!!
Mike: I don’t know, man.
Chris: Doing scientific research of some kind hehe.

  1. Have you had any memorable fan encounters?

We have a landline telephone at our house that our fans call. One Saturday night we got invited to someone’s birthday party five minutes from our place. Great party.

  1. Who would be your dream band to tour with/open for?

Tame Impala or Radiohead.


Photo by Abby Lingwall

  1. What are you most excited for, going on tour with Hippo Campus?

Seeing snow!

  1. How did this tour happen, how did you guys initially get booked as the opening band?

Hippo Campus simply reached out to us last summer and asked us to join because they dig our music. Really grateful to those guys for going out on a limb for us.

  1. What’s in store for you guys in the future? Can you give us any hints on upcoming projects or anything?

This spring we will be doing our own headline tour across the US (and Vancouver), you can see all the dates at We are also already working on a bunch of new recordings and will hopefully begin releasing again in the spring!


Photo by Erick Frost 

Interview by Sami Harris

Cover Photo by Zach Bell

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