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Staff Playlist, January ’18

At the end of each month, we all recommend a song to include on the staff playlist of the month, here are our favourites from January! Ranging from The Stroke to Kali Uchis to Rex Orange County, there’s something  for everyone.

You can listen to it here


@emily_brower – D’you Know What I Mean? – Oasis

Emily’s Thoughts: “I’ve been on a huge Oasis kick lately and I first heard ‘D’you Know What I Mean’ while going through an Oasis YouTube playlist, I just really love the lyrics and Noel Gallagher just had such a way with words. There beat of the song and everything about it just makes me want to sing at the top of my lungs and I can’t get enough of it right now”

My Thoughts: The build-up to this song is one word – intense! The anticipation it starting kills me slowly. This is something I’d like to listen to while I’m on a long train journey, it reminds me of traveling or the song that would play in the final scene of a movie.

@m.arymay – What Ever Happened? – The Strokes

Mary’s Thoughts: “The psychedelic-rock influenced tune, ‘What Ever Happened?’ Is definitely in the running for my favourite Strokes song. It is the embodiment of what I look for in a song; meaningful and provoking feelings of nostalgia but still inviting to sing along”

My Thoughts: “I love The Strokes as it is, but I have heard this song by them, I love it already! I love his voice and the rock vibe that it has going on – perfect for listening to whilst in the car!”

@liana.simonelli – Daylight/moonlight – The Red Pears 

Liana’s Thoughts: “I’m not sure exactly how to describe this song except for I just get really into it whenever I listen. It’s kind of chill but also has some cool guitar. It’s in my top songs to blast in my car.”

My Thoughts: “My initial thoughts on this song is pure nostalgia, the intro is very calming then it kicks into the song and contrasts to more upbeat, the mans voice is dreamy, I like that the song is simplistic yet effective, I had not heard of the band before either!”

@hannahsoleill – Birds Don’t Sing – TV Girl

Hannah’s Thoughts: “the song is not only upbeat and fun, but it’s about not thinking too hard about a situation. It’s a song that reminds me to just live and be in the moment.”

My Thoughts: “The song starts off quieter, then it kicks in and I love that part of it, takes you by surprise, it’s such a happy-sounding tune. For me it has beach vibes again, sitting on the sand with your friends watching the sunset whilst you are huddled up around the fire – perfection.”

@r0seg0etsch – After The Storm – Kali Uchis ft Tyler, The Creator & Bootsy Collins

Rose’s Thoughts: “Most of my love for this song comes from the music video, because, since my goal in life is to be a director, I really enjoy breaking down and admiring music videos and movies, and this is one of my favourites! The shots are incredibly beautiful and clever and I really recommend watching it here. Also the song is about how everyone goes through hard stuff, and to be conscious of that when meeting someone new, as well as being your own hero, because in the end, you are the only person you need/have.”

My Review: “This SONG, I have never heard it before but I am already in love, Kali’s voice is absolutely dreamy and the collaboration with Tyler, The Creator really makes the song amazing for me. Tyler’s voice is soul touching and Bootsy’s contribution tops it off! (One of my fave ever songs ‘Greg’s Love’ features Bootsy.)”

@adrianahipatia – Beth/rest – Bon Iver

Adrianah’s Thoughts: “I think Bon Iver is magical, I don’t know how he does it. I play this song and I can imagine driving down a dark road, it sounds like… freedom, you know? That’s kind of deep, but it just really makes me happy. I find songs I like all the time, but I completely fell in love with ‘Beth/Rest’ when a friend showed it to be. I think music holds its importance and it’s value in the songs that make people feel how I feel when I hear that song.”

My Thoughts: “This song is so relaxing and soulful, Bon Iver is a classic. The guitar riffs in the background are to DIE for!”

@alana.leia – Trash People – Cherry Glazerr

Alana’s Thoughts: “Apolcalipstick is my favourite album, and of all the songs, I relate to this one the most. When Clem sings lines such as ‘we wear our underwear three days in a row’ or ‘my room smells like an ash tray’ I know I’m not alone.”

My Thoughts: “The song is very female powerful and I like that it is a female voice (for once in a band am I right?) I like that this is an easy-listening song about rebellion against social norms! I haven’t heard a song that writes about this sort of topic before.”

@lourddruol – Dirty Dreamer XXX – Hot Flash Heat Wave

Lourdes’ Thoughts: “I found myself listening to the Neapolitan LP quite a lot in January and this song was the one I always went to first. I mean listen to the last-minute of the song, the guitar is insane & just makes you feel EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING! It’s such a feel-good song!

My Thoughts:  “This song just makes me want to dance to be quite honest. I agree with what Lourdes says about the guitar at the end, truly magnificent!”

@samikatherinee – Blood Under My Belt – The Drums

Sami’s Thoughts: “This is one of my favorite songs of the moment and my favourite song by The Drums; the lyrics are ones most people can relate to, about a relationship gone wrong, but one side has a more resentment than the other one and the other wants to make amends. Despite that, this song is so upbeat and reminds me of when I saw them at Fonda back in November & was having the time of my life dancing with my best friend and some friends we had made at barricade. The Drums have truly gotten huge in the past year & I can’t wait to see what they do next!”

My Thoughts: “This song has super beach vibes at first listen. I like the riff that repeats in the background throughout the song (listen carefully to discover the beauty of it!)”

@sriosly – Hombres G – Marta Tiene Marcapasos

Hector’s Thoughts: “I chose this song specifically because it brings back a lot of fond memories with my friends! the song is also by Hombres G, one of my favourite Rock es Espanol bands of the 80s. The song is very upbringing and somewhat joyful. It’s a song that you’d expect to hear at an 80s dance party. It also resembles music from the 60s, which held a lot of ‘doo wops’ and swing. It also resonates my childhood since I grew up with Spanish radio by the border. It stands as the definitive party song from my Chicanx culture!”

My Thoughts: “This song sounds nothing like what I expected, but it’s very upbeat, I actually like that it is in another language, it adds a piece of mystery to it yet the song is upbeat so you can assume it is singing happy lyrics, although I could be completely wrong!”

@kyla.rain – Glowing – Slaughter Beach Dog

Kyla’s thoughts: “I really like this song because it makes me sad. Which is a strange thing to say but it makes me a nostalgia kind of sad if that makes sense? The lyrics are beautiful and strange yet they flow so nicely. It’s like I can actually feel what he felt when he was writing this and that’s why I love this band so much in general. All of their songs do that for me, it’s poetic. The opening lyrics just kind of catch you by surprise, like ‘whoa he opened with that?’ The lyric “it’d be a shame if I drowned in the house that I grew up in, I was practicing my swimming when the drugs when to kick in.” That’s something that has a lot of meaning to it and it hooked me. Plus the music itself has the perfect contrast to it. It is soft but it’s not depressing. Also the lyric “so when I’m over at your house, I would pick through my looming doubts, because I guess I just wanted us together one last time before I go lay down. I don’t want to save you from anyone by yourself” is just WHOA, it hits a heart-string in me that makes me want to melt into this song and this band in general”

My Thoughts: “The vintage vibes of this song are pushed through the gritty voice of the main singer. I like the message behind the song also, talking about someone “glowing” as they are happier.

@emilydonville – Hand It Over – MGMT

Emily’s Thoughts: “From the get go, MGMT’s ‘Hand It Over’ has a seemingly easy effect on me, and I like the contrast it offers from the first 2 singles on their upcoming album. I find that it’s a very versatile song in that I can find myself in a multitude of situations such as laying in bed, walking to school or studying and I can still listen to this song. There’s not a bad time to listen to it and he sings ‘the smart ones exit early / and the rest hope for a shoulder’ – which I came to learn was a reference about the stock market and it’s probably my favorite lyric in the song.”

My Thoughts: “This song reminds me of Tame Impala to begin with, it is relaxing and has a slow tempo – perfect for laying on your bed on a quiet Sunday morning. I like the vibe that this song has. ”

@elzyella – Uno – Rex Orange County

My Thoughts: “I have only just discovered Rex Orange County and it was the best thing to ever happen to me! his style is so simple and his lyrics are so relatable and down to earth, they don’t include extensive metaphors but the impact they have is still effective. I like the chorus the best, the telephone effect on the ‘response’ to the chorus lines I really enjoy.”

Which is your favourite song from our January Playlist?

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