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What Do You Think Happens After Death? An Interview with Mikey from Surfer Blood

I was given the incredible honor of interviewing Mikey from, “Surfer
Blood,” who’s music began in West Palm, Florida. With almost 250,000 monthly
listeners on Spotify, this band hasn’t gone unnoticed, in their almost decade of
creating music.
Here’s how the interview over email went:
“Hey! My name is Hannah Mitchell and I am a journalist for Pure Nowhere. Below
I have a few interview questions to hopefully provide your fans with interesting
things they might have not originally known!”
Me: “Where did the name, ‘Surfer Blood’ come from?” I included, “By the way
the name is super sick.” This remark probably had a little to do with nervousness…

Mikey: “John was making fun of Tyler for having a surfer brand back pack and
Tyler (being a surfer) said you wouldn’t understand because you don’t surf, it’s
in my blood, hence Surfer Blood. (TJ and JP tell that one better since they were
there for that)”

“What is one unique thing you’d like fans to know about you?”

“In our 8th-grade talent show, Tyler and I played “Take On Me” and right
before we went on we rummaged through the theater costume closet and wore
the most outrageous costumes. I think Tyler had a huge pink boa and I was a
sailor. I think I still have a photo and a high 8 video of the performance which
was sub-par at best.”

I thought including that question would give a more personal touch to the
interview, and for fans to have a good laugh.
“Do you have any music in the works, currently?”

“We are all constantly writing individually, I know John has some
demos in the works already. Tyler and I have been jamming some new ideas, as
well as Lindsey is an amazing singer-songwriter. Always excited to work on new
music together.”


Photo received via band’s Instagram, photographer unknown.

“What do you think happens after death? If you believe in reincarnation,
what would you like to come back as? (animal, human, tree, etc.)”

“I would like to think after death our spirit lives on and we protect
the ones we’ve left behind and our body is given back to the earth.”

“What does a typical week for the band look like? (Hours of rehearsal,
getting food together, parties, etc.)”

 “A typical week for the band I would say, leading up to a tour, would
be rehearsing, followed by getting dinner together somewhere near our studio. We
don’t really party, especially before we head out on the road. Definitely a lot of rest
is involved. “

“Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”

“10 years I’d like to say I will be married and have kids on the way, if
not kids already. You know, that whole family thing.”


Photo by Alberto Pezzali

“What do you think your purpose on this earth is? Do you believe that
all humans have an assigned purpose?”

“I think my purpose is to make people laugh and cheer them up.
Whenever someone’s down I try to help them. I think that’s what life is all about,
people helping people. This day and age people are more in competition with each
other and we need to realize that we’re all on the same team. Once we do that I
believe this world will be a better place.”

“Lastly, do you have a final message for your fans?”

“Thank you!!!  We couldn’t do what we do without you, you are just
as important as the music and we are forever grateful to all of you <3”

It was an honor to interview Mikey. Thank you to Surfer Blood and their
management team, for taking the time for this interview! We all can’t wait to see
what you have in store for us. Thank you!

Interview by Hannah Mitchell

Cover Photo by Zak Bennett 

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