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“Must Be You” – Cardboard Boxer Review

The San Diego based band, Cardboard Boxer, released their latest single earlier this week. “Must Be You” is a raw, but fluid, track that reflects the band’s alternative punk rock sound.

Shea Villetet, Tommy Achenbach, Trevor Lincoln, and Evan de Silva started Cardboard Boxer in January of 2017 as a new form of their earlier metal group, “HANNIBAL.” 

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The song starts with electric guitar and drums and crescendos into passionate vocals and well-written lyrics, all while intermixing strong guitar solos. This leads to an overall intoxicating, rebellious sound and feel.  “Must Be You” is simultaneously gritty and refreshing, yet stylistically reminiscent of 90s era punk rock.

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The message of their single is about the arduous process of getting over a relationship. In the words of the band, “it delves into the mixed emotions and coping mechanisms one feels in such a state,” one of confusion and of heartache.

“Must Be You” is the epitome of songs that can, and should, be jammed out to while locked in your bedroom, yet also proves perfect to blast through open windows while driving along the beach at night. 

If you’re in the mood for some seriously sick music, give this song a listen on Soundcloud here.

Review by Liana Simonelli

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