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Rockin' the City: Feeding San Diego Benefit Show

As 2017 came to an end, local music lovers came together at Queen Bees for a good cause to benefit Feeding San Diego, an organization that helps the hungry in the community. The event, hosted by Rocktoc, featured 8 bands; The Kathryn Cloward Band, Falling Doves, Plane Without a Pilot, Ghost City, Cloudside, Nights Like Thieves, Private Lives and Creature Canyon. The show consisted of a really fun mix of different genres, but I was mostly impressed with performances by Ghost City and Creature Canyon. Ghost City played their first show in over 10 years and brought a hefty crowd of super fans, while Creature Canyon rocked the house with amazingly upbeat energy and an overwhelmingly charming stage presence. If you’re looking for some new music to listen to in 2018, I would highly recommend adding these bands to your playlists. Be sure to follow Rocktoc (@rocktoc) and myself (@jennanorthum) on Instagram to stay up to date on rad shows and music events happening in San Diego! In the meantime, scroll through these photos from the event!


Creature Canyon


Creature Canyon


Private Lives


Private Lives


Nights Like Thieves




Ghost City


Ghost City


Plane Without a Pilot


Falling Doves


Kathryn Cloward Band

Article & Photography by Jenna Northum

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