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20 songs or less

We started making mixtapes. Moods in 20 songs or less. Just good music & good art.

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I called a friend a few nights ago. It was 2am, and we were talking about the stars (he couldn’t see them, I could), and then music, and then not much at all. He put a Pink Floyd record on, we were silent, the minutes stretching out, and I could hear the crackling first notes of Wish You Were Here through my broken phone speakers (got sand in them a few weeks back).

Are you there? he finally asked. Yeah, I said. I’m just listening. And we didn’t talk for a while.

He can talk for hours about 60s albums and Melbourne buskers he’s fallen in love with, but he hates new music. Hear this? he asks, referencing some chord or riff or phrase I’ve missed. This is what good music is. It makes you feel something.

So, yeah, Sea Foaming’s started making mixtapes. A mood in 20 songs or less. I guess what I’m trying to say is, plug your headphones in, click one that catches your eye and press play. And whether you’re going for a walk or making art or finishing that essay or lying on the floor watching a fan spin overhead- whatever the fuck you like to do with your music, I hope you feel something.   -Abby


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  2. Incredible! Especially loved Teen Movie Soundtrack, definitely saved a few of those to my personal playlists xx

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