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"Main Girl" – Charlotte Cardin EP Review

Charlotte Cardin, the Canadian electric jazz pop singer released her new six song EP, “Main Girl.” Cardin started her modeling career at age 15 by appearing in advertising campaigns such as Barilá and began her music career in 2013 by becoming a Top 4 finalist in the Canadian singing competition, La Voix. Cardin has been building her own voice in the music scene since the release of her 2016 “Big Boy” EP and her newest “Main Girl” EP is just the beginning of her rise to the main stream music world.  
Starting with “Main Girl” the smooth and soulful vocals lock you in and you can’t help but be hooked as she sings “High risk and no gain / And I’m a fool to love the pain.” The vibrato and note changes throughout the song keep you buzzing and is a flawless start to the EP. “Dirt Dirty” follows with a slower more melancholy tone and some serious Amy Winehouse vibes. The lyrics are all too relatable and the honest intense emotion in her voice leaves your head spinning.
Soon after the third song “Paradise Motion” commences and the depth of Cardin’s voice is put on full display. The moodiness and passion that run through her voice as she sings “Cause I’m upset and you’re outside / And we’re both stuck in our paradise” is captivating. The voice cracks and sentiment that the song embodies is outrageous and leaves you wanting more.
The fourth song “Like It Doesn’t Hurt” ft. Husser has a similar sound to the other songs, but the incorporation of Husser sets it apart from the rest. The contrast of Cardin’s high notes and the hip hop beat fit together perfectly.
The fifth song “Big Boy” changes tone again to a hazy chill-inspiring soulful sound. The piano and slow drum beat contains an “Adele 21” aura and transports you to another decade where you can’t help but picture yourself walking around in a black and white movie with a cigarette in hand.
The sixth song “The Kids” has a similar tone to “Big Boy,” but contains a slower pace. The hushed vocals of the chorus juxtaposes the outro as she sings “Not a friend / Too bad for the kids downstairs” and as the last note rings out you are left in awe of the artistry Cardin has displayed at such an early point in her music career.

Charlotte Cardin performs at the Drake Hotel in Toronto on March

Charlotte Cardin performs at the Drake Hotel in Toronto on March 7, 2017

The “Main Girl” EP is incredibly versatile and hits every aspect you could hope for in a new artists album. The confidence and complexity that is intertwined throughout every song is enthralling and a must listen to. Cardin’s “Main Girl” EP can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and other music platforms.

Review by Emily Brower

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