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Music, Youth, Film –Kinga

By Kinga.

The first time I took a photo on a film camera was in the first year of my photography class. Before that, I was shooting on disposables, but photographing in film has taught me so much about the technical side of photography (and that I can’t always shoot in auto mode!). I get to live out my dream of developing my prints in a dark room, too – which I love, despite being a time consuming, trial and error procss.

I find inspiration in a lot of old film photographers (for example: Saul Leiter and Chloe Sheppard). I try to find that raw, vintage look, even in my digital shots… so it’s really shaped my overall style.




Youth is definitely a theme found throughout my film work, because I shoot in film during “real” moments of my life, not photo shoots or events I’m covering for magazines. Parties… festival… simply hanging out at a friend’s house… film, for me, comes with no obligations or expectations. I can simply capture and be in the moment, documenting my life as a 17 year old living in this city full of adventures. [London]

Getting my rolls developed always remind me of old photos; albums I love flicking through full of childhood pictures and my parent’s wild, young years. I think youth isn’t an age, but a feeling; you can grow up and get older, but you can still be young in your heart, attitude to life and actions. It’s that carelessness, that excitement for life.

I love documenting the little moments in every-day life of youth; it’s an exciting time to be alive. The world’s at our fingertips, and technology’s moving forward rapidly every day – it’s amazing some of us still turn to the old-school ways of creating art.




I shot a lot of these at different festivals, but there’s shots from a Lana Del Rey concert, and street performers from over the summer. In music especially,  film captures the atmosphere so much more than a digital camera ever could.

Seeing Lana live … it’s something that’s been on my bucket list for years. I look up to her in so many ways – her songs feel like they interlink with my life, and her lyrics deeply resonate with me (but I think everyone can say that, because she sings about the real and raw moments of life).

When Lana started to sing “Ride”, the atmosphere that she created with that melody gave me chills. 5,000 people sang along to every single word of a song about freedom and internal battles, and in that moment we were all so connected and free. I was so close to tears. I’m so happy that I got to capture that night in the form of film, because I’ve put my prints on my wall where I can see them everyday – instead of just aimlessly recording everything to Snapchat and forgetting about that feeling in a few weeks.

Film… it reflects exactly what the audience is experiencing. I think that’s what’s special about it – it’s so raw and intimate.



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  2. This is so beautifully written and the photos are each such a great and unique piece of art! I definitely can agree that shooting film is a magical thing 💛

    • This was amazing!! Especially talking about Lana & her singing Ride, something I can only dream of witnessing someday. Amazing 💞x

  3. Oh, I love her. And, to finally hear her commentary on her photographs is a nice change. Lana Del Rey is also on my bucket list, and I love how she spoke about film photography is raw and shares emotion rather than capturing a moment simply to show the world what you are doing, and not living in the moment through snapchat or other online sharing platforms.

    Natalie |

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