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Moon Phases and Rituals

By Chiara Liane.


The moon controls the tides, and the human body is around 60% water, so it makes sense that the moon has an effect on our wellbeing – we’re biologically comprised of the same stuff as the tides! I love learning anything about the space and the planets, especially if they’re rumoured to have an influence on our mental wellness – and I thought others might be fascinated to learn more too.

Our emotional wellbeing can be subtly affected by the different phases of the moon. I’m going to talk about what they symbolize, how they can affect our everyday lives, and some suggested rituals and routines for the most energized moon phases – new and full.

New Moon

The first stage of the lunar cycle represents opportunities, new beginnings – a stage of initiating and planning what you want to achieve in the following month. At this time, the moon is completely invisible in the night sky as it sits between the earth and the sun (with the sun shining on the side of the moon we cannot see).

It is a desirable time to set your intentions for the month as well as a time of boosted creativity. Write these ideas down, do some meditation, reflect on how you want to reshape old goals in a way that suits you in the present. What are your dreams and desires? Make them as clear as possible. You’ll be surprised in the ways the universe sends messages and opportunities to help you.


  • Journaling your intentions/goals for the month and reading them out loud
  • Meditation and repeating positive mantras in your head e.g. “I only attract abundance and love into my life
  • Pamper yourself – take a bath, read a book, drink some tea, paint your nails

First Quarter Moon

This is the time to take your intentions you wrote down during the new moon and work on making them happen. This phase often brings determination, focus and a commitment to taking action. Emotions tend to become more balanced during this time, hopefully giving perspective and clarity on what you need to do.

What you intend on manifesting will begin to increase in momentum during the first quarter. It will allow you to establish a foundation from which you can build the steps in order to reach your desires.

moon wide

Full Moon

The energy of the moon is felt the strongest when it is full. Myths and legends throughout human history point towards strange happenings during this time – mum used to tell me this is when all the ‘crazy’s’ come out, and a friend of mine of who is a nurse agrees completely. It’s a time of abundance, where you may be able to see some psychical manifestation of the desires you laid out in the new moon.

Intense thoughts and emotions are usually associated with the full moon. A good idea would be to channel this energy into creative pursuits, or by reflecting and journaling to release any built up tension/emotion. Sexual energy is very high at this time, whilst we also tend to stay up later as our energy at night is increased.

This phase is a time to let go of anything that is not serving your higher purpose, which can be anything from toxic relationships, habits, people or jobs.


  • Write out a list of things you want to release from your life that are no longer benefitting you such as toxic relationships, or emotions. Then tear up this list or burn it (if can be done safely)
  • Sage your room/house – clearing old and negative energy
  • Meditation – becoming present in the moment by clearing unnecessary thoughts. If you are struggling to focus, start out with guided meditations (can be found on YouTube).

Last Quarter Moon

The last quarter brings a time of introspection and contemplation of what has been achieved in the past few weeks. As we prepare for the cycle to begin again with the new moon, it is good to evaluate what worked well and what didn’t during the month. Do some spring-cleaning by riding yourself of any negative habits, thoughts or objects. Do not start any new projects during this period, but rather polish up what you already have achieved.

Happy manifesting fellow spiritual witches!


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  2. Being a water sign, I have always been sensitive to moon energies. ANd having worked as a nurse in both general and mental health,I can attest to just how strongly the full moon affects people!

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  4. This is so interesting! I never paid much attention to moon phases, not that I didn’t believe in them but because I didn’t understand them! But all of the information in this post is simple, understandable and inspiring so I think I’m going to try and practise those rituals from now on and see how they’ll affect my life!

    • women are connected to the moon on many levels, there’s a book called moon spells that it’s amazing, I recommended if you want to get to know the moon and all you can do with her magic

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