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September Edit


The Mix – A daily, half-hour program run on the ABC that focuses on news in the art world. If you’re sick of sports and celebrity, you’ll love this.

Ratatouille – A favourite of mine ever since I was little, I re-watched this in French class and fell in love all over again. The Parisian streets, the way they visually describe food, the angles and frames of the animation … one of Disney’s best.

Caitlin Cutler films – A dreamy travel/wedding videographer. Adore her work – inspires me endlessly.

Who’s Line is it Anyway?  My absolute favourite comedy show EVER. Can NOT get enough of it. This vimeo channel has a heap of old episodes – you’re welcome.

Models Talk: Racism, Abuse and Feeling Old at 25 – an insight into the modelling industry. Though often thought to live the dream, easy life, there’s a whole heap of insecurity and judgement that comes with it.



Being a Phase – An extraordinarily written piece exploring the concept of ‘being a phase’ in relationships. Was aching at the end of this – the best reaction to art possible.

Pond Mag – A fav of mine; music, art and culture, in a no-shit format.

Why are Adult Women Infatuated with Teenage Girls? – This article literally changed my life. It’s a look into the phenomenon of youth fetishisation, which I have only just woken up to. Can’t recommend enough.

A Stretching Summer – A beautiful short story exploring youth with clarity and rawness.

Aqua-Marine, Halcyon Girls – The second issue of the Halcyon Girls mag!! Read for a look into the aquamarine crystal and the ocean.

saltsandandsmoothies.com – A mix of spirituality and plant-based recipes. My favourite of hers: the post that has me thinking money with a lot less guilt.

foreverconcious.com – In my quest to learn as much as possible about spirituality, I’m discovering new websites and resources, and this is my favourite so far.


Thin belts – After an unsuccesful whole-house search for my favourite, thick black belt, I was forced to add a thin, worn brown belt to my denim ensemble. Though I couldn’t quite decide if the look was ridiculous or amazing, I’ve jumped on board with the idea (arguably, ridiculous/amazing is my favourite kind of outfit anyway).

Levi denim – Vintage Levi’s are never a miss in Summer. I have a pair of over-sized denim cut-offs it’s finally hot enough to wear, and I’m on the look out for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans.

Just below the knee – this is my current favourite cut in skirts and pants. I’m beginning a collection of 3/4 length pants in multiple colours, and adding to my already way too large skirt collection. The below-knee cut simulatenously makes you feel empowered, and like you should probably twirl around a few times.

Mens button-ups – stolen a few of my dad’s work shirts and keep them around the house to add something extra to a basic outfit, or throw on for a beach day.

Colour/prints – the crazier, the better. Forget the black and mix the patterns.

Strappy crops – My favourite look as we transition into summer is a pair of flowy pants or long skirt, and a strappy little top to slip on. Makes me feel like a yoga teacher.

Ditching the heel – Broke my favourite (and last) pair of heels a few months back, and haven’t worn a pair since. Despite occasionally missing the extra height, I feel so much more free and active.


Carrot and lemon juice – A typical monthly favourite. Sliced carrot, drenched in lemon juice, with plenty of hummus. You can’t go wrong.

Corn chips – Though I eat way too many of these for it be considered healthy, they’re the perfect snack to have on hand. With dip, by themselves or as a base for nachos, I go through a bag a week.

Thai food – Transitioning away from my standard order of satay sticks, spring rolls and rice to try some stir fries and curries. Pad King is a current favourite, but as I’ve just arrived in Thailand, there’s many more to enjoy!

Homemade wedges – Roughly chop up several potatoes/pumpkins/sweet potatoes, sprinkle with oil, rosemary and salt, and roast. Serve with sourcream and sweet chilli sauce.

Mango sorbet – blend frozen mango, lime juice, yoghurt and a natural sweetener (I use Natvia) – the most delicious, healthy summer treat.

Rockmelon/watermelon – Melon’s are my go-to this season – grab a quarter watermelon and a couple of spoons to take down to the beach, or chop up a whole rockmelon and bag it for school.

Pesto – We have jars and jars of homemade pesto at home, so I attempted a creamy take on it. Add sour cream and a dash of milk, heat on the stove while stirring until mixed, and serve with pasta and parmesan cheese.


@sea_foaming – our insta account. For up-to-date info and opportunities (like the recent call for new team members!) follow us here.

@hellomr – my new favourite mag, in insta form.

@alexkingfilm –  masculine femininity. What more could you want?

@femiinart – the art account of the gorgeous Manon, who features regularly in our Monthly ART Galleries.

@redmoonartcollective – the female-artist initiative, founded by Sea Foaming illustrator, Iz. Follow for a feed filled with women killing it at the art game.

@brookeelizabeth.photography – the ethereal photographer herself. She explores same-sex love, femininity and spirituality through connection with nature. The most dreamy images you can imagine. (Interview with the full moon goddess coming soon!)

@duhdoes – groovy graphics.

@wednesdayzine – a lil zine publication you’ll fall in love with!

@teeneyemag – an incredible online social mag for teens.


Find Sea Foaming on Soundcloud and Spotify

Hidden Brain, You 2.0 one of my all-time favourite podcasts. This summer mini-series explores YOU, in all aspects of life. Well worth a listen.

Soundcloud Picks:

Nostalgia – a playlist by me, that encapsulates the music I was raised on.

Classical Piano – different types of white noise is magic for when you need that extra bit of concentrating. My current fav: Piano Clasico on Spotify.

September Mixtape the newest Sea Foaming mixtape.


Free Youth Workshops – You’ll probably be surpirsed by how many organisations offer free workshops and events for youth in your area. Find some Facebook groups and pages (Red Cross Young Humanitariums is a good starting point), and start paying attention to what they post. There’s some really amazing things – galleries, competitions, grants, livestreams, workshops, etc.

Gym classes – Gym’s aren’t just weights – most offer a tonne of classes. When you’re using the equipment, classes, and other facilities (sauna, pool, spa, etc.), you end up getting a lot more value for your membership. Check out your local gym’s schedule – mine has an array of pilates, yoga, boxing, tai chi, HIIT and more.

Perme8 – Several months back, I bought a $3 lipbalm at a little market. It was the best freaking lipbalm I’ve ever used. I’ve been desperately searching for the business, and I finally came across it online – the website didn’t work, but I managed to message them through facebook, and the lovely woman dropped off several lip balms and some complimentary soaps in my mailbox. Made my month.

Bedtime routine – Having a bedtime routine has been incredibly important for me this past month or so. My nights are so unpredicatable, and I’m getting little to no sleep – but whether it’s 10pm or 4am, a quick routine grounds me and prepares me for sleep. Generally, I run a heatpack through the microwave, switch on my salt lamp, put on a Bon Iver record, moisturise my face, rub some essential oils on my wrist/neck, and read for five to ten minutes.

Tabagotchi – A little in-browser app that reminds you when you have too many tabs open! Invaluable for a serial multi-tasker like myself.


  1. Every time you do one of these posts, I discover something new and incredible! Thank you for helping me out when I need an inspiration boost!

  2. I really don’t know how you find such great inspiration. But, I’m thankful you share it with us. I’m definitely checking out the Foreverconscious site and the Being a phase article. Also, you just arrived in Thailand? Exciting! How long do you plan to stay there?

    Natalie | http://nataliesalchemy.wordpress.com

  3. Hey Abby! Just wondering if you’ve gotten a chance to look through the interview questions I sent a week or so to you? Totally fine if not. Busy days!

    Just let me know x

    Thanks, Maryam

  4. always love your edits, our favorites are similar! i’ve been liking men’s clothing too, especially button-ups and flannels. definitely gonna check out that podcast, and thank you for mentioning us! xxx

  5. Hello, You certainly had a number of wonderful things I wanted to check out, that I printed them up. I look so forward to looking into them because you make it sound all intriguing.
    Thank you,

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