Month: October 2017


A few days ago we did an interview with lead singer of The Aquadolls (and cosmic space babe), Melissa Brooks, on all things Halloween! Featuring an exclusive hallow-themed photo shoot & covering topics from upcoming shows, new music suggestions, scary movies, and fucking Edward Scissorhands? Keep reading for more spoopy insight. 1. Can you give me some more information on your upcoming shows? (Anything people should know) Since June, we’ve been really busy playing a lot of shows, it seems like we’ve had one almost every week since then! Halloween is my favorite holiday, so for the month of October I booked a bunch of shows and have been promoting it as ROCKTOBER! Every show we’ve been dressing in costumes, because Halloween to us isn’t just October 31st, it’s October 1st through November 2nd. Scratch that actually, it’s Halloween all year long (LOL). We’ve played a couple shows with No Parents which were super fun, and now we have two upcoming festivals and our own Halloween party. Saturday October 21st we’re opening up Spookylust in Whittier at …

REVANCHIST – An Interview with Rising Alt-Rock Group, Faulkner

A few months ago we were given the opportunity to talk to Dimitri Farougias, bass player for the “bi-coastal” alternative rock group, Faulkner. Working with some of the most iconic names in music, this band is here to turn some heads and make a name for themselves in the music industry. Keep reading to find out about the background of the band, what it was like working with RZA of Wu-Tang Clan, and the response to their debut EP.

"Skin & Earth" – Lights Album Review

On September 22nd, 2017, Lights, the Canadian alternative synthpop artist released her fourteen song album, “Skin & Earth.” This is the fourth studio album released by Lights and “Skin & Earth” is a culmination of her artistic career, bringing together passion, anger, and energy into one project. As well as an album, in order to combine the music to a story, Lights created the fictional alter ego character, Enalia, in a self written and illustrated comic book. The creativity of combing an album and a comic makes the whole experience of listening to this album other worldly.