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On August 29th at SOMA San Diego, about a hundred people anxiously awaited the appearance of the Southern Californian alternative rock band, HUNNY. When the doors finally opened at 7:00pm, bodies crammed together at the side stage in an attempt to get as close as possible to members Jason Yarger, Jake Goldstein, Gregory Horne, Kevin Grimmett, and Joey Anderson who would soon take the stage. With the smell of sweat in the air and the anticipation rising, it was obvious that this was going to be a night for the books.
Starting off the show was singer-songwriter Alex Lievanos, from San Diego, California. With his melodies and old school rock sound, the crowd couldn’t help but dance along. Soon after, the San Diego based indie rock band, The Hynas, took over and kept the crowd buzzing until Hot Flash Heat Wave and HUNNY could take the stage.



When the San Francisco alternative rock band, Hot Flash Heat Wave started playing, the crowd began to come alive, singing and jumping along to songs, “Raindrop,” and “Shotgun.” Their whole set was electric and the cheers were deafening as they performed “So Many People,” and members Ted Davis, Nick Duffy, Nathaniel Blum, and Adam Abildgaard began to close off their set. As disappointed as everyone was for Hot Flash Heat Wave to exit the stage, the crowd was eager with excitement for HUNNY to finally perform.


When HUNNY finally came up about 9:30pm, everyone went wild and the heat began to rise as the audience crammed together and danced along to “Hard to Believe,” and “Natalie.” The crowd couldn’t help but be mesmerized as singer-guitarist, Jason Yarger, threw flowers to the audience and sat down on the stage and began singing the lyrics to “Parking Lot.” Every song was played with pure emotion running through every note and there wasn’t a moment of silence (except for when Jason’s guitar came unplugged during his solo, but we all know he still got every note right). The whole set was insanely amazing and the crowd didn’t stand still until the last note of “Vowels (And the Importance of Being Me)” rang out and the band exited the stage.
The thing was incredible and you would have never known it was a Thursday night. Every band that played gave it everything they had and there’s nothing better than spending a night listening to amazing music with your best concert buddies by your side.


Article by Emily Brower

Photography by Mel Martin

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