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The Restless Times, Issue 7

The Restless Times. Media by youth, for youth. This is a bit different. 



Issue Seven (!!!) of The Restless Times went live a few days ago. It is without a doubt, out best issue yet. A fresh layout and colour scheme, combined with a photo-heavy issue, new artists, longer and more in-depth articles, seperate categories … our team poured their hearts into this issue like no other before it, and the result is breathaking.

What IS The Restless Times?

A newspaper by youth, for youth. Founded in the early months of 2017 by Darcy Campbell, it’s a monthly, online publication focused on real news and positivity. We find the balance between the negative and positive news, creating issues filled with media that actually matters.

We believe in restlessness – that feeling of desperation to take action, often found in youth. But the bombardment of heartbreaking media leads to a sense of hopelessness and lack of action. We can never feel empowered if we can’t feel positive.

So – positivity is the key. This is what we bring to youth media – a blend of articles that educate about the current issues and events occuring in our world, and pieces that inspire and explore good news.


Meet The Restless Girls  //  A No Shit Talk About Positivity

From Issue Seven, you can expect everything from candid discussions about North Korea to local music, the Nigerian conflict to a poetry slam, climate change to a review of Just Kids, short stories to the teenage voice.

Flip through the pages and uncover the Restless Book Club, plus extra links, quotes and thoughts. Alternatively lose yourself in thoughtful writing and unbelievable landscapes. Switch from a dreamy European lookbook to a political crisis.

Issue 7 is our most cohesive creation yet. Our heart and passion shines through every page, and we know you’ll close the final page feeling invigorated, refreshed, calm and empowered.




Dearest Readers,

I want to ask you a question. I want to know if you’re okay.

The past month has been so brutal to millions of people. People are continuously being displaced by civil wars, extreme racism is being suffered by millions, politicians and their verbal sparring sessions are becoming worrisome, and as I type this, climate change is wreaking havoc in the form of Hurricane Harvey across the United States.

So many people are experiencing pain, and our humanity wants to help with all of our might. We are dedicating ourselves to make the world a better place, dedicating ourselves to healing the wounds of others, dedicating ourselves to providing comfort in this world of chaos and horror.

And I have truly never been prouder of humanity. While there is so much pain being caused that dominates the media, there are people behind the scenes trying to fix it. The majority of the world are not bad people, people who are out to cause others grief. But this peacefulness isn’t appealing to the media. The idea that people are actually helping isn’t enough to gain massive audiences, so the broadcasters just don’t air it.

But I want you to know that there are so many more good people in this world than you might think. So many good people that are learning how to have a voice and how to take a stand against the horrors. There is more light in this world than there is darkness, and it is working to eliminate the evils of humanity.

I hope this issue has captured that spirit and makes you feel less alone in your attempts to help heal the bullet holes people such as Donald Trump and Sheriff Joe Arpaio have shot into innocents. I hope you read this issue and feel less desolate.

You are not alone. The light isn’t diminishing, unlike the media is trying to tell you. It’s growing stronger. We are the light. We have overcome evils such as the slave trade and the apartheid. We will overcome this racism and this sexism and this hatred. Because we are better than this. We mustn’t let the evil minority dictate our world. We must shatter white supremacy and bury it. We must apologise for the wrongs we have committed. We must take a stand. And to do this, you need to know that you are not alone.

Grab a cup of tea, take a deep breath, and read on.



As always, if you’re interested in joining the Restless team, send a quick email to – we are a caring, energetic, creative team of girls constantly supporting and pushing each other, and we love to welcome new members. Whether you’re an artist, poet, writer, journalist, photographer, graphic designer, social media marketer … all forms of creatives are welcome.

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  1. What a tremendous idea to have children mix the news with positivity. When I was a child, we had to read a current story in the newspaper and share it as “Current Events”, but to share it in this format, might help children understand the news a bit easier, and less harsh.

  2. Loved it from the core of my heart. your team work and efforts needs to be appreciated, shared and spread.

    Our youth is our responsibility, we got beautiful memory from our elders, and it’s upto us to give the best to them in whatever manner possible.

    I will share this piece at my blog and on my personal fb page.

  3. Jesus christ, this is SO inspiring. Exactly the kind of thing the world needs more of; you and everyone involved should be so proud. Heading to the site to read it now x

  4. Hello. This is a very enlightening post.
    I have been writing on similar matters, in relation to how humanity has digressed from spiritual nature and divinity and how such change influences the “emotions” of the cosmos that manifest in such calamities as you have discussed.

    I would love to join your team if that is possible.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. A more positive take is definitely what we need. I’m a millenial, and as much as our generation is constantly insulted by the media, I think we bring so much positivity and good vibes, good deeds too.

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