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August Edit

Went through a lot of weird emotions this month. Fell in love with people who moved across the world three weeks later. Sat around campfires and danced in the glow from the lights of an entire town. Tried dumplings for the first time and caught seven or eight trains in a single weekend (???). Swam in our underwear in the mid-winter and fell over in the snow.

I can’t quite remember who I was on the first day of August, things feel weird. But at least I read a few good books and listened to the best music.

The Purge (1, 2 and 3) – Though at face value simply entertaining horror/action flicks, I found myself repeatedly confronted with decisions and ideas that questioned humanity at its core. Addicting.

The IT Crowd – I freaking love this show. You’ll be laughing the whole way through, I guarentee.

Boyhood – Forgot how much I adored this movie. Though my sister was incessantly bored throughout, I adored every scene and bit of dialogue – this is a raw depiction of growing up.

Notes on a Scandal – I can’t form the right words to describe this. The utter joy of watching two incredible actresses working together, coupled with a tight, intense, twisted plot. This is a dark work of art.

TED Talks – A resolution this year for me was to watch more TED Talks (and listen to more podcasts). I spend so much time mindlessly clicking around on the internet, it’s refreshing to soak in some actual goodness and inspiration. My favourites this month were:

TV show Bloopers – There is nothing that makes me laugh more than watching actors laugh. There’s something so human and hilarious about watching gag-reels and bloopers – my favourites are all from Friends.

Spiritual Sciences The youtube channel I turn to when I’m looking to learn more about spirituality.



Just Kids, by Patti Smith – Still forming coherent thoughts surround this. I wrote a review for the upcoming issue of The Restless Times, so keep an eye out for that. A raw depiction of 70s New York, and the tale of two artists discovering themselves and their art.

The Art of Living and Dying, by Osho – I’m nearly halfway through this, and I’m still reserving my judgement. Though there are long passages I connect with and understand deeply, I also find myself disagreeing with other points and explorations. Still reserving judgement on this one, but a thought-provoking read.

Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert – A light, funny, guiding read. Immerse yourself in a different way of thinking about creativity, including funny anecdotes and inspirational stories. I still constantly refer back to this book.

Perjus Magazine – Art. Online and print issues, an inspo board to die for, and graphics that keep you coming back for more.

Faux Silk – Run by the lovely Imogen, this is a refreshing twist on the lifestyle blog, complete with artist profiles and skincare that didn’t work.

Astrology Guide – One of my faves from Reef Mag. A pocket-sized quide to astrology, packed with resources, tips and summaries to ease any novice into the field.

Road Trip, by Rachel – A raw, nostalgic piece, effortlessly expressing youth and coming-of-age.


Clover Shopping – click here and here

Scarves – I’m in the middle of an interesting scarf phase. I’ll let you know how it goes.

$2 Kmart Jumper – As an avid op-shopper, I’m learning how to disregard brands and simply go with what I’m attracted to. And never have I made a better decision than picking up this blue, over-sized zip-up piece for $2 that turned out to be from Kmart, of all places. I literally refuse to take it off, and it’s currently my go-to staple.

Colour and pattern – The bolder, the more ridiculous, the better. My style is evolving into a completely ridiculous mish-mash of cuts, shapes, colours and patterns, and my current theme seems to be ‘if it doesn’t make sense, wear it.’ I’m finding that when it comes to clothes, it’s so much more fun to not give a fuck.

3/4 length pants – I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of straight-leg, tie-up waist, 3/4 length heavy pants, and I finally found them – in a burnt orange. Goes with everything from a t-shirt to a cami to an off-shoulder – obsessed.


Lord of the Fries – Vegan/vegetarian melbourne goodness. Order yourself some regular sweet potato fries with extra tomato sauce and thank me later.

Cherries – been finding myself stranded in weird places this month, and heading for the nearest supermarket with a few coins and a good book. A handful of cherries is the easiest go-to lunch.

Rockmelon – it’s hard to keep school lunches healthy most of the time, but rockmelon’s easy and quick.

Wholegrain crackers – I eat way too many of these. It’s not even healthy anymore.

Churros – Must-get treat from the train station with your last few dollars and minutes before your train. (Honestly, the reason I keep missing my trains).

Miso soup – the flash frozen stuff that comes in the individual packets – a blessing from the gods. W/ tofu and seafood, plus some buttered toast – any craving satisfied.


@maniikvintage – literally all my current inspo is coming from here.

@girlgazeproject – not only an empowering account spotlighting female creators, but every Friday their instagram story becomes a one-stop place for real news from the week. Keeping me informed of everything happening in the world.

@femproject – they do amazing work, not only as a charity but as an organisation de-stigmatising the period. currently inspiring me to work with a similar organisation in my home city of melbourne!

@lillabyfia – a tiny, ethical label based up on the sunshine coast. stay tuned for an interview with the incredible lady behind it X

@beginningtobloom – psychedelic edits to inspire.

@lexie – I love this chicka. she constantly inspires me with careless, raw shots and sprawling captions.


Though it wasn’t a month of podcasts, it was an amazing month of music, if I say so myself. Just scrolling through my mixtape this month makes me grin uncontrolablly. It’s that damn good.

The Lumineers – as always, a big favourite this month. If you’re not listening to them, what are you doing.

Alt-J – my media class this semester is pretty much responsible for this influx of new music, due to my media teacher resolutely blasting triple J every single lesson. anyway, despite meaning to listen to them for the last several months of so, I only just got around to checking out Alt-J, and of course, I fell in love.

Bon Iver – forever in my heart. I own one record of his, and I press play nearly every night. His voice and soft acoustics are so incredibly soothing, I’m asleep before the side is finished.

Zombie, James T – this song requires a mention all on its own. Can’t. Stop. Listening. To. It. Or dancing.



Train rides, bus rides, etc. – I’ve fallen deeply in love with public transport this month, mostly out of neccesity. I can’t count how many trains I can manage to cram into a weekend, but I’m a little bit proud. There’s something deeply lulling about being in transit, and I can’t quite figure out what it is, but I love it.

1 second every day – an app where you store a second of footage from every day, and later play it back. As we approach the end of 2017 (nearly? too early to talk about it?) I’m super super excited to play back 5 minutes of footage encapsulating an entire year. As someone who remembers things visually, I feel so much more appreciative of time now.

The 35mm Club An ever-growing collection of fragmented journalling, collaging, mixed-media, profiling and film. Adore.

Robert Pattinson is Alive Again – I adore this man and article with all my heart.

Mim’s Blog – turns out the girl can take photos. And I mean, really take photos.

Anyas Film Diary – A diary of film rolls, with mini-stories. In love.


august, it’s been weird, but mostly wholesome. thank you.



  1. I love the IT crowd too – Richard Ayoade is just so funny! 😂 There’s something so other worldly about Bon Iver. All his songs are so beautiful. I love your monthly edits (too) – you always manage to find really interesting picks. x

  2. I can spend hours watching bloopers – I don’t even need to have watched the actual show to enjoy them. I always want to be an actress after watching them though – just because they have such a fun time messing up 😊

  3. Very entertaining post – I love Friends and want to watch more TED talks as well, so thank you for the recommendations! Bon Iver is so magical, I really like his vocal manipulation and the eclectic nature of his creativity – he’s done some great songs with Kanye West as well :)

  4. Abby, these are my favorite posts to read. I love the way you summed up your month. I’m sorry about the person who moved away. But, it seems like you had an incredible month. These posts end up making me want to create a to do list of what I want to check out. So much inspiration here. Also, I love Bon Iver too! Thank you. xoxo

    Natalie | http://nataliesalchemy.wordpress.com

    • Thank you so, so much. It was an incredible month in a lot of ways, more so in fact because of the things I had to cope with. I’m so glad you found a lot to love!

  5. Oh, Abby. Your monthly edits truly make me feel like I’m wrapped in a big hug. I loved this one so much. From the churros to the music to the orange trousers, I love this. August always feels like the end of something, but the beginning of something else to me. Sending love. Xo

    • I can’t tell you how much I adored your comment!! You wrapped up my monthly wrap up! Ah you actually made me fall in love all over again with august with just a few words. Thank you so much that was so sweet xo

  6. I always love your posts, but especially your monthly edits. Always nice to read what you’ve been up to the past few weeks.

  7. emma says

    your monthly edits are the best posts, I absolutely adore them. I have one ted talk that I have watched recently that I fell in love with, and I definitely recommend it. it is called “how to stop screwing yourself over” by mel robbins. it is an excellent video, on the rather long side, but I guarantee you will love it as well. :)

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