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Today in 2017, the world of zines and independent print is undergoing a constant evolution. As more and more opinionated artists, writers, and activists join the game, a larger light is given to us to express ourselves, to really be heard.
Andrea Lux is a Peruvian artist that is currently taking the world by storm, gaining attention and inspiring others with her nostalgic collages and cut-out art. This is definitely a girl you’ll want to keep an eye on, one day her name in will be seen in large publications all over the globe, I know it. Keep reading to learn a little more about Andrea, and to see a collection of her favorite works.  
“My name is Andrea and I’m a 20 years old independent artist from Peru. I make film and digital photography, illustration, and mainly; handmade collages.
My entire style or ‘’aesthetic’’ however people want to call it, is very influence by my childhood, my photos and my drawings are really messy or just not perfect, and when I make collages, I literally make sure that the audience can see that are handmade. I print pictures, I cut magazines, and doodle on top of portraits, I use colors, and I like to create different shapes of stars and flowers that I draw by myself intentionally imperfect; and I enjoy that way too much. As I said, yes, I’m defined by my childhood; I like to embrace who I was as a kid (the good and for sure the bad things too).
My inner child is that part of me that represents my capacity for, wonder, sensitivity, and most of all, creativity.”

Instagram Links: @andrea.lux

Illustration: @nastydrawingdiary

Photography: @nastyfilmdiary 

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Art by Andrea Lux

Introduction by Kyla Rain

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