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Sitting in Public Square having coffee with Zane Alexander, we discussed a possible EP, forming connections (Zane knowing basically everyone), and his very own musical! Conversing with this very eclectic and obviously talented guy, we learn quite a lot about his killer music background and his wicked goals for the future. So if you can, grab a cup of coffee and just keep scrollin’ to get a Taste of Zane
So can you explain to us what you do?
Zane:  I do a few things, so my main thing is booking shows, I got into that when interning at Queen Bee’s, so two and a half years ago there I booked a show called Rad Fest, it was a big show with the Whig Whams, Groms, Bad Kids, Fake Tides, and the Cheeks too, back when they were Sandy Cheeks. I was really lucky, it was when all these bands were leaving high school and heading to college, so it was basically the peak of their local fame. It was my first show ever and we ended up selling three hundred tickets, so soon after bands started hitting me up to book shows for them cause that was such a success. So I booked a show with Groms and met Buddha Trixie, I’m kinda like their manager.
That’s soo cool!
Zane: Kinda lowkey, so whenever they’re in town I try and get them shows *waiter sets down coffee* Thank you Noah.
Awww you know him?
Zane: Yeah! It’s another thing, I just know a ton of people. I also produce music for a lot of people. Like I produced all of Waldo’s stuff in the past, I’m down to work with anyone. For the stuff I do for Waldo, I’m kinda like their Producer, so I engineer and record them, but also sometimes write parts and arrange strings. Mostly how people know me is through booking though.

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Waldo’s album release show, tomorrow night at Queen Bees in North Park!

What inspired you to do what you do? You touched on how your first show changed you, but what has influenced you in producing, booking, and making music?
Zane: So for booking, I noticed with all the local bands, and my friends, were getting screwed over from all that pay to play stuff and that there weren’t many small shows that were paying people fairly; so I always try to pay people. I wanted to put local bands like Buddha Trixie in front of bigger crowds, so what I started doing is working with the locals like T. Rexico for the Slow Hollows/Sad Girl Show. Thomas from T.Rexico reached out to me and we planned the show together, because my plan was to get bigger bands from L.A. and then have local bands or my friends open for them, so they can get more exposure.
Super cool!
Zane: With producing, ever since I was twelve and was in “The Canaries” with Emmett (Emmett Dreyer from Waldo), I was always into learning about studio and sound stuff. The reason I started making my own music was because I had gone into studios to record my own work and would always hate how it turned out, because the engineers or the producers had no investment in what I was doing, so I try and do the opposite. For example, with Waldo, they’re my friends I try to put effort and show I care in what I do. With writing music for my Instagram, I was kinda in a rut where I hadn’t released my own music in almost two and a half years, so I got back and sorta forced myself to create something new everyday.
What is your end goal? Like what would happen to make you think ‘I made it’?
Zane: That’s a good question, I plan on releasing an EP towards the end of the summer, I don’t know if it will actually happen, but I want it to. Success for me, would be to produce people on a grander scale, or to help one of my friends bands be successful. Even to have my own music become successful would be amazing, but I kind of like being in the background and doing all the behind the scene stuff, like something I want to do as a career is compose music for TV or score films I guess.
What makes you different from everybody else, obviously what you do is very different, but  in what type of ways?
Zane: I have a lot of knowledge, I mean not to toot my own horn, but I am going to college for Composition and in high school I studied Music Theory at Mesa College, so I have a lot of technical knowledge about music, and promotion, and engineering bands. I think a lot of people don’t have formal training, so have a technical background separates me from the rest.
If you had to visually describe your music, if someone could see your music what would it be?
Zane: I’m not sure. I’ll have to think about that. 
I asked Temporex the same question and he was like, ‘ I picture someone in a pink sweater sitting on a grass hill having a picnic’.
Zane: Well a lot of my sound is inspired by country music, so just a field, maybe it’s like dusk or some moody crap like that. The art for my Instagram stuff I try to connect thematically, so that could be used a visual, even though I change the sound every three posts. 
(Later he got back to us on this question saying this.) 
Zane: Imagine standing on the edge of a field somewhere in the Midwest, and it’t 3AM and the sun is starting to rise. Everything’s dewy and you’re wrapped in a blanket. That’s what I try to capture in my songs.  
What is your end goal for what you’re doing?
Zane: Work with more people, try to make more meaningful connections. I’m really into marketing and promoting. It’s weird I’m really involved in booking, but I don’t really go to that many shows.
Why not? It’s the best part of local music, because of how personal it is!
Zane: I don’t know, I guess for me to be honest I like the people more than I like the music. Helping the people out is the most rewarding part, so going to shows is more for the energy and seeing everybody’s faces opposed to the sound.

Is there anything else you wanna add?
Zane: I’m always doing something, I’m writing more music, I just finished a musical.
A musical?!
Zane: Yeah, I wrote half of the music, my cousin Jacob Surovsky wrote the lyrics, and we won Best Musical at the Fringe Festival downtown, it’s called the Banza. I just always enjoy working on projects.
Well it looks like you’re doing a whole lot of everything, I bet we would all love to see your resume when you’re done with college.
And with that our cups were empty, but our stomach and heads were full. As Zane mentioned earlier he could be coming out with a new EP later this Summer, but in case you want to get your fix now, you can follow him on Instagram where he posts new music everyday! This universal artist will definitely be on your radar, if its bookings, musicals, more producing, or small gigs in San Diego, you’ll know it’s him. We all can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Article by Angelina Desmond

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