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July Edit

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Too many days in the city, too many train rides, and too many clothes. July was messy and productive and thought-provoking. Shared a lot of beds and spent a lot of time in the dark. Still a bit lost and out of place but everything’s okay xx


Nerve – I adore this movie with every fibre of my being. I honestly don’t believe I will ever, ever tire of watching it. Throw yourself into one night in New York, and uncover the dark secret of the mysterious online game Nerve.

Pulse – An Australian medical drama, focused on the life of a young female doctor, Zoe, a kidney transplant reciever. She navigates the tense environment of the hospital, breaking protocol, losing and saving lives. Through her and her friends, bosses and colleagues, explore relationships and life in every facet.

Ollie Ritchie – film-maker with a heavenly voice and vibe. You’ll get lost in these, I promise.

Casey Neistat – okay so obviously I’m a little late here, judging by his 7 and a half million followers, but within a day of coming across this guy I’d watched more of his videos than I really care to admit. His daily vlogs are unexplainably very entertaining, but these are a few of my favourite works of his.

Claire Michelle – she is indescribable. just press play.

Home, Messy Heads – I think I watched this close to forty times over the course of one week. Over that week, I was turning 15, returning home, and generally feeling out of place – this helped me through a lot, I think.

Heaven Knows What Trailer  I could barely finish watching this. The rawness, violence and grit are incredible, and though I have no plans to see this movie anytime soon, I view this trailer as a shocking piece of visual art. Prepare yourself, though.


Just Kids, Patti Smith – After hearing praise of this book across every social media channel and blog I follow, I finally relented and found a copy at my local library. Raw depiction of New York, money, drugs and art in the 60s and 70s. Well worth the read.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – Oh god, how in love I am with this book. I read it entirely in one sitting over the course of several hours. Odd and complex, woven masterfully and steeped in the unanswerable questions we struggle with as children.

The Year I Learned Everything – A long piece from Rookie Mag about sexuality, love, dreams and the last year of high school.

Luna Luna – I am incredibly in love. Articles about everything from tarot decks that don’t submit to the patriachy, to the sensuous, feminine power of drinking beer.

Kalon Azure – Updated every few days with posts brimming with summer vibes. Everything from journal prompts to photography round-ups – just the site to keep you inspired enough through the last, slow month of winter.

The Life and Times Here is where I reveal my hidden Harry Potter fanatic side. If you haven’t gotten your digital hands on this yet, let me present the best fanfic in the entire world. Seriously – it has it’s own GoodReads entry and everything. It’s practically part of the series. Get ready for a ridiculously detailed and incredibly addictive recount of sixth year, James and Lily era.

Halite – Halcyon Girls Lil’ friend-promo – I’ve known Maddie for a while, and she’s another writer for The Restless Times (for more info, click here and here). Recently, she released the first edition of a new little online mag, themed around different crystals. Flick through for some inspo, self-love, and all-round authentic content from several gorgeous girls.



Acyd Puffs earrings – my favourite, go-to, over-the-top pair of earrings. I worked with this brand a few months ago, and ended up creating a dreamy lookbook and video. Shop their full range here.

Boys clothes – trousers, t-shirts, suit-jackets, boxers and more. Especially when thrifting, gender divides cease to exist. If it fits, you wear it – and mens clothing never really doesn’t fit!

Bold earrings – though I touched upon it when talking about acyd puffs earrings, I feel this deserves its own entry. Earrings are fun. Earrings can be ridiculous. Why would you not want to wear a pair of rubber ducks dangling from your ear lobes.

Retrostar – melbourne’s best kept secret? Climb a couple of flights of stairs and enter a room that looks more like a disco explosion than a retail store. Hundreds of handpicked vintage pieces, walls papered with old newspaper, and assistants that call you ‘darling’. In love.

Camberwell Market – okay, so I know where I’M going to be every sunday for the rest of my life. Picture several huge carparks packed with cars, selling from their boots – everything from clothing to flowers, crystals to jewellery. All negotiable, mostly under a few dollars. I kid you not, this is the end of me shopping ANYWHERE else.

Black, Flare, Corduroy Jeans – do I honestly need to say anything else? Been looking for a pair for months now, and couldn’t believe it when I unearthed some – in my size, and high-waisted!!


Scones – Crammed with dates, spread with thick jam and layered with cream. My mouth is watering as I type this, no joke.

Thai food – Mm, lost count of the times I’ve mentioned this in a monthly edit. I’ve been swooning over peanut sauce recently, plus mounds of plain rice, sides of spring rolls and a couple of chicken skewers.

Crossways – Just off Swanston street in Melbourne, wander up a narrow cement staircase, and turn right at the first door – there’ll probably be a sign publicising a 6pm yoga class. You’ll find yourself in a long, spacious room, filled with tables and benches, and a little kitchen at the back. For $6 (if you’re a student), fill a big plate with curry, rice, a small bowl of dessert, and a drink of your choice. I know. Bring your laptop, set up in the corner by wide windows and a few plants, and make yourself at home. Prepare for a lunch-rush though – this place gets popular.

Sultana Bran – okay, so I’ve had plenty of mixed opinions from my friends (aka judgemental disgust), but recently I haven’t been attending class without a container full of sultana bran nearby. It’s delicious and filling – I have no idea what everyone’s going on about.

Warmed wraps w/ hummus – grab a wrap, grab a plate, heat in the microwave for 10-15 seconds, spread with hommus and tear off chunks.

Carrots and lemon-juice – jazz up a standard snack by dousing carrot in lemon juice, served with a side of hummus. For a different twist, peel a carrot and cucumber into long thin shavings, toss with lemon-juice, salt and olive-oil, and enjoy a quick summer salad.


Insta Babes In a search for authenticity, I compiled 13 of my favourite instagram accounts for you to fall in love with.

Isobel  in case you haven’t heard, Seafoam has a new member! Iz has come on board as our illustrator – you can see some of her work in our recent post, 15, and there’s plenty more coming!

@thelifeoflemon – current go-to yoga flow inspo.

@seafoamist – after an accidental week and a half break, we’re back!! Get ready for daily posts and inspiration of all forms.


TED Talks / Podcasts – A resolution this year for me was to watch more TED Talks (and listen to more podcasts). I spend so much time mindlessly clicking around on the internet, it’s refreshing to soak in some actual goodness and inspiration. My favourites this month were:

High School Stories

Starving Artist, Ep. 1 – FUCK PLAN B

Monthly Playlist  July was all about a lot of artists I’d been meaning to listen to and never gotten around to. The whole vibe ended up being pretty alternative, a bit psychedelic, with a real mix of some old nostaliga. Listen here.

Early Nostaliga I actually developed such a love for the music of my childhood this month that I created a whole new playlist, purely for it. Listen here.

Freya Haley Playlists – our resident 70s vegan chick, she’s already one of my favourite sources of inspiration – but now, she’s my main source of new music. Check out a few of her many, many playlists, or listen to my current fav – hazey.


Wunderlist – literally, the only reason I’m still a functioning human being. It’s a to-do list, but it’s so much more. Categorise jobs by list and folder, create recurring tasks, add alarms and reminders, and the most satisfying ding when you tick something off.

Self Care Package – The simplest idea, but just another way to fit in some time for self-care, and convince myself to actually follow through.

NYC Sketchbook Project – I just love this idea, incredibly so. Been flicking through for inspiration recently.

Samera Paz – Love a good photo series? You’ve just met your new favourite human. She works mostly in film, capturing life in honesty and rawness.


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  1. Just Kids sounds like my kind of book – have you ever read “valley of the dolls”? It sounds a very similar vibe but in LA!

  2. i love so much your monthly edits, it’s so inspiring to watch casey neistat videos, and all the other things you made me discover, thank you ! xx

    • thank you! I love putting these together – they make me think about my month in more depth, and what content I’m actually consuming. From my very first EDIT to this months, it’s so interesting to see the change in content I’m filling my days with. It’s much more concious and fulfilling now!

    • I agree! I think a lot of people dimissed it with labels such as just another YA film, but it went a lot deeper with that, and really explored human nature at its most brutal. It’s also most relative to teenagers, which also seems to give a lot of movies a bad rep. But I loved it, and still do!

  3. Love your July playlist – some great tracks on there. Cherry Wine is just so beautiful. Wunderlist is so useful – been a life saver for projects! Looking forward to your next post! x

    • thank you! been a good month of music, definitely. and oh my gosh yes, I don’t know how I functioned before wunderlist, especially being involved in so many projects at the moment! glad you enjoyed it and found some things to love x

  4. You always have the best recommendations, I love reading your posts like this. Claire is one of my favourite content creators, her words and thoughts are so beautiful I could listen to her for hours. Just Kids is an incredible book! x

  5. We always have so many favorites in common it’s amazing hahaha! Casey and Claire are also some of my favorite YouTubers. No bullshit, no drama, just great content. And I’m glad you finally read Just Kids, ugh I can’t tell you how much I love that book! And I also love the movie Nerve, but I feel like the end could be better you know? But love it nonetheless

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