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"Space Case" – Taylor Grey Album Review

Taylor Grey is already making a name for herself following the release of her debut album, “Space Case.” The album is a much needed injection of life into an otherwise dreary summer for music.
“Space Case” caught my attention right off the bat with the vibrant synth-infused track “Miami.” The song builds as Grey reminisces on a toxic relationship that is long since over. With lyrics like, “Why can’t you admit I’m/ Better better better/ Without you,” “Miami” finds a way to capture a slew of emotions that everyone has felt at least one time or another in their lives.

The album continues its repetitious yet catchy pop theme with the slow anthem, “Higher.” This track, in its gleaming synths and echoing chorus, captures an immersive bliss, a shared frequency of love just as irrepressibly grandiose as its sound. It’s the kind of connection that, even once it’s gone, lightens your bones forever.
Some of my other favorite songs from the LP are “Never Woulda Letcha,” “Don’t Wanna Wake Up,” and “Fallin’.” The best part of this album is that that the songs can sound enormous while maintaining this kind of person-to-person intimacy.
Taylor Grey’s career is looking brighter than her beach blonde hair, and I think it’s safe to say that Space Case is undoubtedly one of the best things to come out of the pop scene this year. It’s available for download and streaming on most major platforms.

Review by Jackson Hinkle

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