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"Stop The Space Age" – Buddha Trixie Album Review

For an album called STOP The Space Age, these songs couldn’t seem to take you further out of the atmosphere. Each one carries a specific & futuristic angle that pushes the audience to stay attentive to every second of swirling vocals and electrifying guitar riffs. The boys of Buddha Trixie seem to have outdone themselves with this one.
Differentiating from the classic San Diego sound, “Stop The Space Age” steps way beyond the boundaries of normality for our local musicians. The dimensions that build up each of the twelve tracks on the album each help bring a new chapter to the story; that’s how I like to think of this, every song is a chapter in this comprehensive storybook that the band has created.
I’ve seen the group preform live a good number of times, and watching the audience engage and become a part of the energy that flows and crashes through the room like water running is something more than noteworthy. Maybe it’s the little things that set them apart, the drummer being the lead vocalist, the casual and all-encompassing friendliness that surrounds the band, or the fact that they aren’t afraid to put out something that’s entirely individual. Instead of their fans creating a sort of idolization around them and the music, they form a relationship. That’s something I’ve also taken note of, watching them interact with strangers parallels to watching good friends run into each other at a party. The music is what ties us all together, and it’s refreshing to see that kind of connection. That ideology also follows into the album; this sort of “I see you because I am you” message, restating the fact that we all go through the same struggles and feel the same emotions through life.
My personal favorite off the album is track number two, “Nobody Hangs Out,” which, from what I’ve seen, also seems to be the majority’s pick also. We each have our own opinions on why that song connects so well, but I’ll leave that to you to find your own. Listen to the lyrics and get lost, make your own connection, and fade into the music.
Make sure to check out Buddha Trixie‘s socials so you can stay up to date on new releases and up-coming shows, everything reaches a whole new level once you’ve felt the energy live.

Written by Kyla Rain

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