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May/June Edit

two in one – australian films, online art, interviews, mandarins, ridiculous earrings, sweatshirts, sunrises, and plenty of music.

I spent the last ten weeks, hours from home, up the coast with 45 strangers.

Well – not strangers anymore. Some of them are now my closest friends in the entire world. I can’t even begin to describe the adventures of the last two-and-a-half months – there’s stacks of photos and memories to sort through, but every emotion feels overly vivid right now.

In five days, I turn 15. And in five days, I go home. It feels like the end and beginning of the world, and I have no idea how to cope without these people, without this environment, with the beginning of a new year for me. Every day brings something new here. I don’t want that to fade away.

Seafoam hit several milestones this month – 375 followers, 15 000 views, 5000 visitors. Thank you, a thousand times. You’re all everything that continues to push me further, and dream bigger.

From here on in, Seafoam is focusing on art and interactivity. We’re expanding across more platforms, and introducing a new series to the blog. (While I’ve got you, don’t forget to subscribe to the mailing list; be the first to hear about announcements, opportunities, and new and exclusive content). On top of that, The Restless Times is growing rapidly, and the moment I return home there’s a stack of exciting announcements to make. All I can say is stay tuned, and check our instagram (@therestlesstimes) regularly for more.

I know this has all been very vague – but keep an eye out for the next few posts. It’s time to get a bit deeper, a bit more honest; I’ve been searching for vulnerability everywhere – now I’m looking for it in myself.



Robin Williams Remembered. Self-explanatory, really. I cry every. single. time.

Black Balloon. A 2008 Australian film that’s quickly risen to one of my favourites. The movie follows Thomas – your average, australian teenage boy – as he attempts to fit in at a new school, thwarted constantly by his autistic brother Charlie. Love, in every real, raw facet, is explored constantly through this movie. And you can never, ever tire of looking at Gemma Ward’s face.

Grease. Flashback to my seventh Christmas, when my little sister and I were given this by Santa. We spent all winter watching it over and over again, probably much to the displeasure of our parents. I only just watched it again – laughing hard at all the jokes I missed when I was little, and singing along to every single song. Still a favourite.

Tomorrow when the war began. Saturdays were the only free days I’ve had for the last couple of months, and I’ve spent most of them cuddled up with friends watching old, sometimes shitty movies. This is no exception.

Marie AntoinetteThis movie feels like a hazy sunday afternoon. Look at the cake. The rooms. The light. The dresses. The hair. The sick lavishness, at complete odds with the cuts to 18th century France starving and rebelling. Watch this movie, if just for the cinematography.

Claire Michelle. She feels so incredibly genuine and emotional and real that I ended up crying about 40 minutes into the first one. She honestly makes you believe she’s been sent to this planet to spread the most amazing, beautiful energy. Sounds crazy. Watch this and you’ll understand.

Motion. Expresses the whole world, in incredible colour, vibrance and sound. Makes me feel so inspired and happy and colourful and grateful and alive.

 IMG_1134@tiahenricks – Aussie dream girl.

@abbyb3rg3r – Girls captured in vivid, dreamy light, glossy makeup and candid moments. See life through the eyes of this 17 year old.

@thenudeblogger – A go-to for self-confidence and self-love.  Beautiful landscape and the naked form – does it get better? PS – something very special is coming soon featuring this girl … stay tuned.

@sadgirlsclubpbg – “We’re here to create a community within the world of depression & ignite conversations regarding mental health amongst girls/women worldwide.” With a focus on poc and a straight-forward attitude, this organisation cuts through the white noise of most mainstream media about mental illness.

@officialreefmag – A favourite blog of mine, in instagram form. Plenty of coffee and film, what more can you want?


The Restless TimesEvery day, I fall more deeply in love with the girls I work with on this newspaper. If you haven’t heard of The Restless Times yet, get ready to plunge yourself into a world of fiery ideas, dreamy words, and an honest vibe. Issue 5 is about to be released – check it out, read a couple of back issues, and get excited.

Seafoam MagWeirdly, this has nothing to do with MY blog. I googled ‘seafoam’ to see what came up, and discovered this: an online arts magazine just begging for me to fall in love with. I’m proud to share a name with such an incredible collection of inspiration.

Womankind. It’s been a while since I’d come across a new in-print magazine to fall in love with, so when a friend introduced me to this, I was understandably overly-excited. Think Yen, think Frankie, think Messy Heads.

Inheritance Cycle. A masterful craft of fantasy, these books enthralled me for a solid month (and this was my third or fourth re-read). Highly recommend.

Lorde interviews. My desperation for a new album has seeped into my entire life – now, I hunt down interviews with a slightly insane determination. She is incredible. I am in love.

The Happiest Refugee. In truth, I’ve only just begun, but I’ve heard this is an incredible auto-biography of Ahn Do, and it’s been recommended to me by nearly all of my friends.

Ketchup Clouds. This has been one of my favourite books for years, and I recently came across a hard-cover version in a second hand store. It’s a compilation of letters a girl has written to a death-row criminal, confessing her own crime, and the events leading up to it. The author skillfully conceals the true ending right until the final chapters, and you’ll be tearing through the pages until the end.


Porridge. I had my first taste of porridge a month ago, and proceeded to eat it every morning for the following month. I’m a little sick of it now, I have to say, but it’s still a go-to for a hot, quick, filling breakfast. (Favourite toppings include tinned apricots, crushed weetbix, jam, honey and cinnamon).

Passionfruit slice. Oh, heaven. Sweet, crunchy, rich heaven.

Sweet-chilli dip. Take one part sweet chilli sauce, one part sour ceam, one part cream cheese, and mix. Spread liberally on any sort of cracker, bread, or carbohydrate.

Baked potatoes + sides. The easiest lunch you’ll every fall in love with – bake a potato (optional – stuff cheese in the center and let melt), cut open on your plate, and fill with sour cream, garlic butter, bacon, cheese, corn … you get the idea.

Nacho tacos. Forget stuffing tacos sideways in your mouth – slam your hand down, crush your shells, and spoon your fillings on top. It’s nacho taco day.

Mandarins. Over the last couple of weeks, you’d find me in bed with Paige and Corina, mandarin skins in a small pile on the floor next to us. I’ve been throwing them in bags whenever I go out, too. Easy go-to snack and late-night feast.


Acyd puffs earrings. Fluffy earrings for restless souls. Shop them here.

Soy sauce earrings. My cousin has a very large bedroom, and in her room she has a very large rug, and that rug is covered in beads, toys, plastic, wire, winecaps, chain, and everything you can imagine that she could attach to an earring. She recently gifted me a pair of soy-sauce earrings (with the soy-sauce still intact) and I barely take them off.

Sloth-patterned pyjamas. Brighten your mornings.

Sweatshirts. The mornings are cold now, but not quite cold enough to rug up. I reach for a sweatshirt and pair of fluffy earrings, rubbing sukin moisturiser into my face and delaying breakfast. My favourite was $4 from a thrift shop – for thrifting tips, click here.

Explorer socks. In this case, sleeping is my form of exploring.

Bralettes. I don’t think I’ve touched a real bra in a solid four weeks. I live for these – lace and string and halter necks, combined into the perfect, can’t-feel-a-thing feeling. Over the weekend, my friends got their hands on the same bralette, and now we all match. Feels pretty special, I have to say.

Boyfriend jumpers. There is something about a boy’s jumper – whether it’s brand new from the store, or you stole it from your best friend’s room – that is so much more comforting and warm. So, I have resolved to shop for my winter knitwear in the mens section, and I’ve hereby dubbed the term boyfriend jumpers – if that wasn’t a thing before.


Hidden Brain, ep. 68A comprehensive overview of the impact social media has on our lives. Some parts rang so true I sat up straight, eyes wide, listening as my own disconnected thoughts were explained in scientific terms. Eye opening.

Ed Sheeran, Divide. I missed out on tickets, but my friends and I have pledged to hold our own concert on his melbourne tour dates next year, complete with loud music, pizza, wooden-spoon-microphones and dancing. Regardless, every time you walk into a room where I’ve been living, someone’s been playing this album through crappy laptop speakers.

Flame Trees, Sarah Blasko. This song deserves an entry all by itself. I can’t can’t can’t stop listening to it, and it feels like it’s seeping into everything I think about and create.

Instrumental music. Evermore, Dave Eggar, Debussy. Writing, studying, video-editing. Even some white-noise rain sounds have found their way into my earphones. I connect sound to thought very closely, so when I need quiet or relaxtion, these are helpful.

Jose Gonzalez. I have fallen in love with every single song he has ever created.



Yoga. I taught my first yoga class to a few friends this past month, and it’s re-ignited my love for it. Spending half an hour stretching and breathing to a ‘yoga’ spotify playlist is the perfect regenerating exercise in the morning.

Sunrises. For the last ten weeks I’ve had to wake up at 6:30 to not miss communal breakfast. The benefit – I see a sunrise nearly every morning, and it’s spectacular, spread out across paddocks where the mist rolls in. Watching the sun touch the world every morning is indescribable. Highly reccomend.

Sukin. Forever my favourite skincare brand. I looked around a couple of days ago and realised everything I lather, spray, or somehow apply to my skin is by sukinWouldn’t have it any other way – all-natural, all-organic goodness.

Tea-tree and Lemongrass oil. I have these two tiny bottles sitting on my desk, and every time I see them I unscrew the lids and inhale the smell. It’s like water cutting through my head – leaves everything feeling clear and fresh.

PixlrFor those without access to (the infinitely more expensive) photoshop, check out the Pixlr online editor – it’s a pretty cool alternative. Powerful, sophisticated, free and easy to use.

JCTBrand. Can you believe this is only an excerpt of their work?


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happy early winter – seafoam X


  1. Loved your blog post. It’s hard to leave good people…loved what you are listening too and the movies you’re watching. Can’t wait for more posts…

  2. so much love for your articles, a hint of inspiration, good music and well written opinions in my evening !

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