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Beach Fossils' Latest Album – Somersault

Brooklyn band, Beach Fossils, are putting themselves back out there with their new, and much anticipated album, Somersault. The album has eleven new tracks each with an evolving sound; a few sound like they could have been taken right off of their self-titled album but with a fresh new vibe. Most have a revamped, more mature take on the typical tone.
The classic Beach Fossils sound is evident but with an elaborate layer of instrumentation foreign to previous albums. Instruments such as the piano, harpsichord, flute, sax, and string arrangements were used, bringing a new variety that takes Beach Fossils to the next level. The refreshing sound reflects the newfound collaboration the band had writing the songs.
When listening to this album you hear a band in their prime. Each song has a uniqueness from other tracks on the album. Somehow they all blend together in the painting that is Somersault.
This time around, band-members Jack Doyle Smith and Tommy Davidson collaborated with founding member Dustin Payseur to create the dreamy yet jazzy tunes that we love- evident on Be Nothing. Go Over reflects the sadness this album can evoke so well. Somersault is unmistakably Beach Fossils, in the best way. Even with an evolving sound the band kept their magic.
The album is out now, so make sure to check that out! The band is currently on tour, set to hit San Diego on July 20th at The Casbah. Linked here for more information and further tour dates. 

Review by Ella Flaherty

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