Month: June 2017

A Foreign Film Project.

by Francesca Tirpak Over the last couple of months, I have documented my experiences, both in my visits back to San Diego and my life in Leeds, on a point and shoot 35mm film camera that I picked up in a thrift store (a highly recommended thing to do). Following are some of the images I’ve taken, plus some from my Polaroid, as a bit of comparison between the two worlds. In September of 2016, I left the town I had known my entire life and moved across the Atlantic Ocean, a full 6,000 miles away, to the town of Leeds in West Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom. It had been a long road, almost nine month since I had gotten word that, upon completion of my high school diploma, I would have an unconditional acceptance to my first choice school, Leeds Beckett University. With the announcement of Brexit shortly after my acceptance, the process of receiving a study visa in order to legally live in another country, and leaving all my comforts behind, it’s a …

"The Day Moon" – An Interview With The Howlies

“What makes us different is that we always try to make each song we create different and original with lyrics and sound. We want our songs to have meaning and texture, we want to set ourselves apart by taking people on a trip with our youth. This album we’re releasing is called, “The Day Moon,” because whenever it’s broad day, or before sunset, there’s a day moon that’s just so beautiful; that acts as a beauty mark in the sky. The vibes you get are too surreal sometimes.”  A passion that acts as a canvas, we sat down with Nicholas Bodenstadt of The Howlies to talk about the ambitions and idea behind San Diego’s latest “psychedelic surf rock” band.