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"Try Not To Over-Think It" – An Interview With Caroline Corn

CAROLINE is a ‘dream pop’ band, as the members like to call it, from San Diego CA. Their story began when, at age 13, lead-singer Caroline Corn began writing poetry. “Oh God, it was super emo, seventh grader poetry,” she admits openly, “but then I realized poetry and lyrics are kind of the same, so I took one of the poems and turned it into a song.”

“When your sky is falling down, you know I’ll be around to wipe your tears.”

“But, like, I was talking about myself? I don’t know, it was so emo, I don’t even know how to explain it.” Her music career took off officially, though, when she started to perform solo with a guitar at open mics, and quickly realized, “all the bands (she) listened to weren’t like that. Weren’t acoustic.” Caroline then contacted the San Diego radio station 91X, also responsible for the discovery of local hits such as Blink 182, Jason Mraz, and Jewel, “and they were like, ‘Yeah, you should get a band together.’ I knew people who could play the instruments, but not really anybody that I vibed with,” she mentions. Luckily, upon scouting for her fellow band members, 91X found Jay Sanchioli, Declan Halloran and Christian Clark, the bassist, drummer and lead guitar she’d been waiting for, and who coincidentally, “ended up going to High School with me, which is really cool”.
PicsArt_04-17-09.53.41When asked about musical influences, Caroline did not hesitate in her declaration, “I love The Cure, they’re my favorite band of all time. I love Wolf Alice. I really like David Bowie and Iggy Pop performance-wise, and musically too. Anything in the 80s. 90s too. I could go on and on about that question, so I’m just gonna stop now.” However, I’m sure most of us could gladly listen to each and every one of the matches who helped ignite this band’s flame.

Her songwriting process, as much as she “wants to be one of those people that ‘go sit on a bench, cry, and then write their songs’”, isn’t as set in stone. Caroline describes songwriting as an adrenaline rush. “It’s usually this weird feeling, a buildup feeling, where I either have to run or do something, and then I sit down and write.” “It’s very, very honest. I don’t filter anything,” she declares. (We wouldn’t want it any other way!) “Then I take it to the band,” she continues, “and if I have a lead guitar part I show my lead guitarist– but normally he comes up with something cooler than what I do.”
Regarding pre-show rituals, “besides smoking cigarettes, it’s just like… trying to chill. I just hang out with my band and talk to them, and try not to over-think it.” Speaking of hanging out with her band, Caroline seems pretty close with her three colleagues, and cheerily remarks that “the boys bring a way different vibe to a lot of our songs. One of our songs, I wrote it and then our drummer was like ‘Oh, we should double time the last part and make it really fast’. So, they add punk influences, it’s pretty awesome.”
Caroline’s tips for getting more involved in music are “going to open mics, I still go even though I don’t play. There’s usually really interesting characters and good songwriters that nobody knows about. So, yeah, just stay actively involved in the music scene, and make friends with people you see at shows. They have the same interests as you, you automatically have something to talk about and you can show each other new music.”
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So, the question you’re all itching for: what’s next for CAROLINE’s career? Caroline Corn confirms an album release “soon, but we don’t know the date or anything”, and assures that she will “keep writing”. Besides that, they’ve been talking to a few record labels, which, Caroline states, “is nice. They’re finally caring, which is cool. We’ll be putting out new stuff, because right now we only have one song online, and so many that we’ve written and put together.”
We can’t wait to hear what’s in store for this band! Can you? Click here to check out their Spotify.

Article by Adriana López

Photography by Annika Cimas

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