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April Edit

The first month of Autumn! (Shut up America, it’s Autumn here). There’s been a lot going on – and that’s an understatement. To keep up, sign up to our email list – I get a lot more personal and talk about what I’ve been doing. You’ll also get sneak previews of videos, photos, writing and posts, and have exclusive opportunities to contribute and submit.

In other news, I’m experimenting with these monthly edits a little. You should probably expect less of what I’ve been eating and wearing (etc.), and a bit more of what I’ve been doing, thinking about, gravitating towards and inspired by.

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inspiring me with red

The visuals I’ve been gravitating towards.

For ArabellaA new photo series by @sarahbahbah. View it on her instagram page.

William Eggleston. Father of colour photography, forever the best street photographer. His work was on display at the NGV, and after wandering around the city slightly confused, we finally found it. In huge, shiny, perfect print, the colour is astounding. You feel slightly black and white beside his photos. (PS – for an interview that really sums up this man, check out this).

william 1

william 2

william 6

william 5

Bill Henson. A collection of his portraits, nudes and landscapes was recently on display at the NGV. The entire exhibition was just one dark room, with over a dozen huge pieces spaced evenly along three walls. It felt raw, chilling and intense, and there is no way I can convey the feeling of his work through photos on a screen, but here’s an excerpt.

bill 3
bill henson 2

Visual videos: I can’t tell you exactly how these differ to everything under ‘watching’, but they do, somehow. These are just more inspiration than entertainment, I guess.


APR 2 

Watched spoken poetry and Tim Minchin videos all night, and talked about small concerts and geniuses.


Woke late and showered fifteen minutes before my bus left. Stopped by Coles to grab the traditional quarter watermelon and plastic spoons and waited in a little kebab store for $5 chips. Spent the afternoon with friends, rolling in the sand, flipping through magazines, eating watermelon and floating in and out of white-capped waves. I catch the train home in the rain and over-romanticize everything. Thank you for the last warm day, Autumn.

APR 14/15

Shot with Bri and Janae for Acyd Puffs earrings. Danced around on the beach in my underwear and later a dressing gown at 9pm and 9am. Beyond excited to have worked with my first brand and finished my first proper photo-shoot.

APR 23

I’m here,, I’ve arrived. My home for ten weeks, a little school several hours from everywhere I’ve known. We sign in, I make my bed, I pin polaroids to my walls. I eat a breakfast of porridge and cinnamon. Today feels like it lasted a year.

APR 28

I’m safe, I’m happy. I’ve met beautiful people and opened up more than I ever thought I would. We play ukuleles and piano and read milk and honey in window seats. I’ve learnt to love porridge and appreciate an 8am sleep in.  It’s been 6 days. 9 weeks to go.


Eating a lot of hot cross buns. Listening to records. Watching all 10 seasons of Friends. Figuring out how to use the manual settings on my camera. Impressing myself with some editing skills (self love, kids). Watching Friends (no, really, I have a problem). Re-reading the Inheritance series. Talking to new people (been manifesting some new people in my life and the universe is providing). Chatting with The Aquadolls (STILL FREAKING OUT ABOUT THAT). Messing up my entire eating schedule repeatedly. And my sleeping schedule, while we’re on that.

Visiting art galleries. Packing-packing-packing. Having plenty of mini-freakouts and breakdowns. Over packing and unpacking. Feeling like I’m seeing everything through the M5 VSCO filter. Eating porridge. Writing in a window seat. Braiding hair. Writing emails.


@seafoamist – Seafoam has a new instagram account! Check it out.

@pollynor – Definitely my current obsession. Women and their demons in rich colour and sometimes brutal honesty.

@salventius – I have an obsession with one-line drawings of the body and face, so here’s a new artist for you all.

@skillshare – Why doesn’t everyone know about this? Or am I just late? Thousands upon thousands of videos to teach you about literally anything, from art to business. You have to pay for some of them, but plenty are free.

@jams.journal – She creates the most amazing journal pages and shares them in little squares. Check out one of the recent posts on @seafoamist for more journalling inspo accounts.

The Callie Diaries – Blog highlight of the month. Expect plenty of film photography and profiles, exactly my type of thing.


Our love will always remain, The Aqua Dolls. Ooh new discovery. Not only listening to them on repeat, but they got in contact and we collaborated for a new video! (coming soon).

Lemons, Woodlock. + every song they’ve ever written, really. Melbourne-based band, YAY!

Blood Bank and Holocene, Bon Iver. Been on repeat all month. ++ I have a Bon Iver record that I’m a little bit obsessed with.

Hold me down, Mansionair. New discovery via @stephduncan, who used it in one of many videos she released this month. Check her youtube out: Steph Duncan.

Drive, Gretta Ray. What a song, what a voice.

The other tracks I’ve been cycling through all month:


90’s moviesI put together a round up of 10 must watch movies from the 90s – the perfect guide for your next movie marathon, sleepover or breakup.

ArrivalI sat down for this movie expecting a Hollywood blockbuster. I was entirely unprepared for the intense, artful and cinematic sci-fi thriller that followed. I later ended up watching ‘the making of’ this movie as well, and I have such incredible admiration and respect for everyone who worked on it.

My Year 12 Life. An ABC documentary about 14 Australian teenagers in their last year of high school. Just finished the last couple of episodes, what a roller coaster of emotion. You can stream it all on ABC iview.

Shane KoyzcanHe writes poems, reads them, records them, and I end up crying in my bed. It’s a never ending cycle.

Tim Minchin. I can’t stop laughing.


  1. I’ve just nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award! You’ll find this at my most recent post! Congratulations x

  2. i always discover so many things through your articles !
    got lots of inspiration and emotions thanks to what you shared, and your playlist are quite cool i must say

  3. It’s so weird that It’s autumn in Australia when we’ve got perfect spring weather here in the UK! And by the way, your music taste is awesome :) x

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