Month: May 2017

"Try Not To Over-Think It" – An Interview With Caroline Corn

CAROLINE is a ‘dream pop’ band, as the members like to call it, from San Diego CA. Their story began when, at age 13, lead-singer Caroline Corn began writing poetry. “Oh God, it was super emo, seventh grader poetry,” she admits openly, “but then I realized poetry and lyrics are kind of the same, so I took one of the poems and turned it into a song.” “When your sky is falling down, you know I’ll be around to wipe your tears.”


Last weekend, concert photographer Violet Teegardin captured the high-energy of Cage The Elephant’s set at the Shaky Knees Music Festival in Atlanta! Continue reading to see her shots on 35mm, and make sure to check out her site for an impressive portfolio of concert photos & Polaroids.