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10 Must-watch 90s Movies

20 years old, still loved and adored. An easy guide for your next sleepover, movie marathon or breakup.


Titanic (1997)

I can’t believe I hadn’t seen this until a few months ago. Rose and Jack are seperated by class, money and status – but when both board the Titanic, their lives are irreversibly altered. Forever the epitome of a love story, ( + young Leonardo DiCaprio – what else can you want), this movie will always be in my heart. Right before I die, I picture myself sitting up in bed, and yelling: THERE WAS ROOM ON THE PLANK OF WOOD FOR BOTH OF THEM. BOTH OF THEM, GOD DAMNIT.


American Beauty (1999)

My favourite movie in the world. Ah, it’s so hard to describe this film. I’m still finding scenes and themes and ideas from this movie cropping up in my own writing and photography. You’ll either love it, hate it, or have no idea how you feel. A brutally honest rendition of suburbia, teenagers, a middle-age crisis, homophobia, and mental illness – with this dark vibe laid over the top.

good will hunting

Good Will Hunting (1997)

What to say? I love this movie. I love Robin Williams. Just watch it.


Pretty Woman (1990)

Vivian Ward, Hollywood hooker, is hired by the wealthy business man, Edward Lewis, to live with him for a week, and be his escort attending social and business events. It feels so cute and real and old-fashioned-romantic. One of my favourite romantic comedies of all time (closely tied with Crazy Stupid Love).


The Sixth Sense (1999)

I’m not going to say anything about the plot of this movie, simply because it’s best watched with no idea what you’re getting into (but you might have to watch it twice).


Groundhog Day (1993)

It took me three tries to see this movie – I always seemed to come in halfway through. TV Weatherman Phil Connors is forced to relive one day of his life – February 2 – over and over again. So what do you do, when you cannot die, cannot go back, and cannot move forward? So many themes of life and loss and chance, and just an all-round, feel-good, beautiful movie (and a lot of laughs).


The Matrix Trilogy (1999)

My parents introduced me and my sister to these movies a few years ago. I’m the sort of person who can’t put a book down once I’ve started, especially if it’s part of a series. These are the first and only movies that made me feel exactly how I feel when reading; incredibly excited and desperate to see what’s next, yet reluctant to rush because it’s so damn good. The plot is unsettling in the best way possible, the fight scenes still give me chills, and if anything, at least you can appreciate how far ahead of their time these movies were.


The Blair Witch Project (1999)

My favourite horror movie to date. Based on three teenagers who enter a forest to film a documentary and never return, filmed entirely with a shaky, hand-held camera, and terrifyingly realistic. My friends dad saw it in the cinemas when it was released, and that morning there were radio reports that they’d actually found the footage outside some woods, and had released it to cinemas and the world. It was just a publicity stunt, but I’m forever mourning I couldn’t see this movie with the question of reality hanging over my head.


Aladdin (1992)

What is a list of movies without a Disney feature? This was the first movie that truly terrified me – every time the Cave of Wonders opened, I would run screaming from the room. Eventually, I got over this fear, and me and my sister watched it constantly for years. We both rediscovered it after Robin Williams died, and I still watch it occasionally. You can never have enough Disney.


The Lion King (1994)

Okay, two Disney features. This was my childhood – I’ve got to admit, as a 4 year old, I had a huge crush on Simba. I will still unashamedly jump up and belt out the opening song – AHHHHHHHHSAVENNNYAAAAAAMANAMEEEMANAHMOOOO.


  1. People tend to forget (or may not know) just how incredibly successful Titanic was. At the time, it had the biggest budget ever for a Hollywood movie and yet James Cameron and the crew pulled it off. It remains one of the biggest box office hits ever. You may or may not know that more than 50 people on the crew were rushed to the hospital after someone laced a lobster chowder with PCP. Say what you want about the film but as a cinematic feat, Titanic deserves credit. I dig all of these movies except maybe Pretty Woman (but I’m just not a romantic comedy guy). Kudos!

    • I did not know any of that!! Wow, no wonder it remains such a loved movie. Thank you for the comment, that was interesting to learn about!

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  3. Shawn says

    Sorry… With the true advent of the indies… Your mainstream fixation is tragically stale. From GlenGary Glen Ross, Requiem for a Dream, PULP FICTION???, Mulholland Dr, etc… Thought towards the art of screenplay, character development, and dialogue was magnified to remind one of Hitchcock & Welles.

    • I’m sorry you think so! Admittedly, I only included the movies I had seen. Pulp Fiction is one I have since heard of since creating this list, and one I am desperate to watch. Regardless, despite how ‘mainstream’ you might find some of these, I remain convinced that they are some of the best works of film recently.

      • anda ya foskitoo mioo!! si los morritos te ponen!! jjajjajaja uuuiii uuuiiii el bocao de la risa me suena a coskillas!! jjajaja ( ya me entiendes) =P Yo Si Ke TE QUIERO Cariño!! eres lo mejor de lo mejorr!! dificil de encontrar gente como tu!! tienes el cielo ganao!! Un Besazoo en esa bokitaaa ñammm ke ricooo =P muakssss

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  5. i actually haven’t watched ANY of these except American Beauty (i’ve never been such a fan of Disney and i’m too lazy to put myself into 3 hour long Titanic) but i can recommend you some more young DiCaprio guilty pleasures : The Beach!!!! and Romeo + Juliet !!!

    • I LOVEE romeo and juliet!!! ohmygosh, what a movie. What a face. And The Beach is most definitely on my to-watch list ;)

  6. madison says

    just wondering what wordpress theme you use to get your blog looking like this
    great post!

    • hi! I use Zuki – it’s a premium theme, so I paid $50, but it was well worth it! you get a lot of customisability on the homepage too x

  7. hilly says

    have you ever seen my own private idaho? it’s also from the nineties! :)

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