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An Interview With Cosmics On Their Newest Album, "Turn Ons"

On the night of their album release show at Soma San Diego, we sat down to talk with Cosmics about their music, newly released album, and more.

Intro: First off, can you all introduce yourself, and tell me what instrument you play?

Logan- I’m Logan Swirsky, I play guitar and lead vocals.

Jovan- Jovan Gilez, drums.

Caleb- Caleb Carter, bass.

Justin- Justin Murphy, lead guitar.

Q #1. What are your individual music backgrounds?

Logan- Mostly indie stuff, like Fiona Apple and Regina Specter, but lately I’ve been crossing over into weirder stuff like David Bowie, and The Stooges.

Jovan-  Mine, personally, would be Moving Units, mostly just indie rock n’ roll, I try to bring these sounds in with my drumming, and make a sound that’s attractive.

Caleb- I listen to a lot of jazz, and soul and whatnot, so I like to add that grooviness to the music, I guess.

Justin- I’ll just say Pixie’s, Velvet Underground-esque type vibes for me.

Q #2: How would you describe your music to someone who’s never listened to it?   

Jovan- I think as a whole, our music has started to sound a lot more mature, well thought out, indie rock n’ roll. If you’ve never heard us, I guess the only genre I can think of is, well… I’d have to make one up. It would be like, dirty indie, serious indie, I don’t really know.

Justin- The album that we just released is a lot more soft rock related, but as we progress you’ll see a little more aggressive type sounds. People will compare our music to a bunch of different things, because we all come from different backgrounds.

Q #3. If you were making music in a different genre, what would it be?

Logan- My genre would probably be the weird section of the Velvet Underground, where it kind of doesn’t make sense. Kind of a little scary and makes people a little uncomfortable, you know?

Jovan- Spanish music, the only band I could think of would be Los Bukis, music like that; still rock n’ roll, but not indie.

Caleb- I guess mine would be like a weird mix of neo-soul and progressive metal.

Justin- Mine would be just, like, psychedelic rock, even though it’s kind of dying right now, but whatever, right?

Q #4: Is there a certain band that you would say inspires your music?

Logan- A band that would inspire our music… I guess there isn’t one, because we’re all so different musically. Just coming together, I guess we’ve just kind of came up with our own style.

Jovan- I would say The Beatles. They were a four piece band, and each individual had their freedom to do things. Like when you hear a song from The Beatles, you hear George, you hear Ringo, you hear Paul and John, you hear each individual; it’s not like John was telling Ringo what to play, or George was telling Paul what to do, they just all did their own thing, but did it together.

Q #5: Pretend I’m a representative from a major label. You’ve got 60 seconds to convince me to sign you. Go!

Caleb- Alright listen, we’re like  pretty poppin’ group right now, but like, we got room to grow, a lot of room for potential. What you’re seeing right here, it’s like a beginning of a movement.  Our music is just going to progress more and more. Just sign us, please!!

Q #6: How hard was it to make this band?

Logan- Well when we started this band it was just Justin and I as two piece, and I barely knew how to play guitar. Then we found Jovan off Craigslist, and then we found Caleb through Jovan, so we kind of just flowed into each other, until we really became a four piece band, really respecting each other’s music styles.

Q #7:What has been your most memorable concert so far?

Logan & Caleb- Definitely when we played at Logan’s house. It was super intimate, the living room was packed full, and when we played support, I just loved how everyone was singing, throughout the house. Hearing that, being yelled at 9 PM at night, I don’t know. It was special.

Q #8:  Talk to me about your album, take me through song by song, and explain them to me.
Song #1: Power

Justin- Power was Caleb’s song, so he should explain it.

Caleb- So pretty much the song started out with a basic format, and I just added some stuff. It’s basically just a rockin’ song, with some cool harmonization going on.

#2- Bad Habits

Logan- Bad Habits is kind of one of the songs that I’m always stoked to play, since I don’t have to play guitar, so I can just focus on vocals.

#3 Dreams

Justin- Dreams is just lovey-dovey, it was a fan favorite for a while.

#4 Support

Jovan- “Never promised you shit.”

#5 Cold Nights

Caleb- It’s a nice little groovy jam in the key of C-Major.

#6 Falling

Jovan- It’s a song where you just wanna grab someone and dance, and just ride it out, you know?

#7 Walden

Logan- This song is more important as far as lyrics, and it’s definitely one of the ones that we are more proud of from this album.

#8 Remember

Justin- Just one of those songs that everyone remembers after the set.

#9 Oregon

Jovan- It’s another one of those songs that was a group effort. When the chorus hits you just wanna dance and yell out the lyrics

#10 Toes

Logan- Toes is another one of the one’s on this album that we’re more proud of, it’s definitely one of the summer nights, driving with your friends, type of songs.

Huge thanks to the members of Cosmics for taking the time to talk with us, and don’t forget to check out their newest album, Turn Ons!

Article by Dylan Meisner

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