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"Human Emotion in Something Tangible” – An Interview With Max Greenhalgh of The Thens

Formerly known as “Adult Films,” Inspired and the Sleep’s Max Greenhalgh and Bryce Outcault are back at it with a new name: The Thens. We were able to talk with them briefly after the second edition of You Are Going To Hate This Fest, thrown by The Frights at Soma San Diego.


This band is a three piece, with Greenhalgh on bass/vocals, Outcault on bass, and Ryan Mack on drums. Originally, the group consisted of only two members, Mack and Greenhalgh. After the two of them finished the album, Greenhalgh taught all the bass parts to Outcault so that he could do “the whole lead singer thing.” He goes on explaining, “they’ve been my best friends for years. Ryan grew up on the same street as me, and Bryce and I had the whole same schedule in high school.” Close friends make good band-mates, which is something Greenhalgh knows well. “Its intentional. I wanted to start a band with some besties,” he says. “If you have a strong connection you’ll have a blast.” Which is exactly what these guys seem to do, the energy vibrating off stage during their set is not only infectious, but alive with the music. 

When asked what makes this group different than their other project, Inspired and the Sleep, Max replies with, “we make it a point to do things quicker with The Thens. The entire album (other than vocals and keys) was tracked in two four hour sessions at Studio West. Where Inspired and the Sleep brings more of a “dream pop” vibe, The Thens are more Live oriented. With music, everything goes back to the live show. That’s the funnest part.” Wise words from an explorer in the world of music, no one could have said it better. 

The last song on The Thens unreleased album, “Lessons in Being Late,” titled “Best Buds,” is the song Greenhalgh says he’s most emotionally attached to. “It’s a banger.” He even told us that Ryan had cried while playing that song in his car. With this, we asked him why he thinks people find comfort in music, to which he gave a very insightful response.

“Music is a way of life, same goes for any form of art. It’s human emotion in something tangible.”

Recently The Thens kicked off You Are Going To Hate This Fest 2 on the Soma sidestage. Greenhalgh indulges, “We played first and I honestly thought no one would be there. But it was packed, the energy was killer.” He also adds, “Shout out to that time I fell off the stage and almost ate shit during our set!” Sorry to hear that Max, we wholeheartedly hope that no pride or limbs were bruised during that mishap! 

To wrap this article up, The Thens debut album, “Lessons in Being Late” will be out on Postmark Records April 14th. But if you wanna listen sooner, they will be back at Soma on March 17th for Cosmics’ album release show. Hope to see you all there.

Article by Autumn McDonald

Photography by Annika Cimas

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