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February Inspo Boards + Playlist

In weeks like this, when I’m thinking solely in colours and disconnected ideas – scribbles and mood boards are the only way I can organise my feelings. Set to a backdrop of the strangest assortment of music, this is February; marked by soupy days and drizzling rain.

I split my time between school, the beach, and the shops. These days are hazy, dazed messes of salt, chaotic hair and lined paper. The world looks like it’s behind a bluey pink filter. I can’t tell you what we revised in maths methods last week, but I can recite the poetry I’ve been immersed in and tell you the number of sandy steps between the jetty and the beach-side cafe.


Right now I’m obsessed with irridescent blues, peachy caramels and forest greens. Pink is popping up everywhere around me – my room, my wardrobe, my art. I’m gravitating towards stripes and tan lines, see through long sleeves, mid-thigh cuts, plunging necklines and no bras. Glitter and gloss substitue eyeshadow, my hair is permanently salty, and large crazy earrings dress everything up.

I’d like to say I have a soft, moody, head-in-the-clouds playlist for you all – but February’s a mess. This month, I’m a mess. And my music taste is everywhere. There’s no other way to describe this current soundtrack.


Daydreamer – Adele

My Throne – Woodlock

All time low – Jon Bellion

Hello – Erykah Badu

The Firework – Cajun Dance Party

Thread – Retro Culture

She moves in her own way – The Kooks

Don’t forget about me – Cloves


Fire – Barns Courtney

Like a rolling stone – Bob Dylan

Flame trees – Cold Chisel

Go your own way – Fleetwood mac

Eleanor – Woodlock

Flashed Junk Mind – Milky Chance

Melt my heart to stone – Adele

Naive – The Kooks



An update: I recently bought a disposable camera, my dad gave me a film camera, and I found a couple of rolls of film. This all means there’s some super exciting stuff coming to Seafoam – I’m eager to share more excerpts of my life with all of you, through something as intimate and candid as film.

And February – you’re a dream.



  1. I don’t think there are proper words to describe how much I love this and your blog (so looking forward to your new posts omg!! I feel so inspired) x

  2. I loveeee your moodboard! And yes im totally obsessing over glitter liquid eyeshadows and large statement earring pieces this month too! what did you use to create your moodboard btw? Love !!

  3. you have a sense of aesthetic i just love ! do you use photoshop or something else to create your edits ? they’re amazing !
    we clearly live in different seasons right now, but it still is very inspiring ahah

    • ah thank you lovely xo
      I did use photoshop for these, but you could honestly just as easily use word or any other software that allows you to drag images around!

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  5. Hey Abby! This is so well written! I just uploaded my own post about summer and Feb, would love for you to check it out xx

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