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A no-shit talk about positivity

Our society; we are consumers, with money and motives and brands and sales being shoved down our throats. We are destructive, waging wars and sucking the life from our home, our planet. People are being raped and murdered and thrown out of countries, and sexism and racism exists, and millions of people have no homes, and bombs are falling, and 14 year olds are killing themselves, and it’s 2017 and we’re still marching for women’s rights and black lives.


That was an interesting way to begin a post entitled ‘A no-shit talk about positivity’. An introduction seeped in negativity. So here’s a question – did it inspire you? Make you happy? Ready to change the world?

Probably not.

Okay. Here’s the thing. I’ve reworked and retyped this, I’ve tried draft after draft and I just can’t say what I’m trying to say. So I’m going to try brutal, short and simple.

There’s an entire world out there full of shitty things. If we think about it too much, we want to scream. Or cry. Or just yell incoherently. And automatically we shut our minds down. We avoid the topics. Things these terrible are impossible to think about. They make us feel hopeless. Frustrated. Angry.

But you know what else? There’s an entire world out there full of life. Vitality. Things that take your breath away. Moments that make you believe in living. Reckless texts. The smell of swimming pools. Sliding around on tiles in your socks. Charades. Breakfast beneath stars. Do you know how this makes me feel? Like it has to be worth it. Like it’s all worth it.

That’s how I want to feel.

Because when I feel like it’s worth it, I can think about everything that’s fucked up in the world and I can take a deep breath and I don’t feel so hopeless. I feel like I can make a difference and we can change things and we will change things. We’ll get there.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what I’m getting at. Focusing on positivity is so damn important, because if you don’t, everything is too overwhelming. And I feel like our society; we’re so focused on negativity. Everyone’s trying to sell me something and everyone wants to talk about how messed up everything is and a lot of the time I fall into the trap and I can only think about climate change and Trump and asylum seekers for days on end.

And that’s alright to a certain extent, because they do matter.

But so does the good news.

Enter Darcy.


A 17-year-old fellow Australian. Spurred on by a barrage of negative news that left  her feeling drained and hopeless, she sent out dozens of emails to bloggers, writers and creators (including me!) in the earliest hours of the morning. See, she had this idea.

A newspaper, something seemingly redundant to nearly all teenagers and young adults. Several categories, spanning social essays to curated arts. A team of new people. A new outlook, a clear mission: to talk about the good news. A collective fuck you to the media that so consumes us.

By the morning, her inbox was full of eager and passionate replies – people all over the world, excited to make this come together. And I was one of those lucky people.

Oh, there’ll be our fair share of Trump. We’re not going to shy from covering the truly heart-aching stuff. And there’ll be stories and pieces that make you fall in love with yourself, dive deeper into yourself, and truly appreciate yourself. But a big focus is the good news. The things that are happening that make you fall in love with the world all over again, that make you believe in humanity, that inspire you to stand up and change the world. And not only the good news, but the huge, earth-shattering things. The sort of articles that shock you with intensity, both good and bad.

In short: positivity is the only way we can begin to change the negativity. So let’s share the good news. Let’s start something new.

We launch March 1, and we’d love to have you on board. If you’re as excited as I am and want to contribute, email Darcy at There’s one or two staff positions left, plus plenty of options for casual contributors – be it artists, writers, photographers, graphic designers, bloggers, marketers … you have the opportunity to meet a passionate community of talented, dedicated creatives, to have your work published, and be a part of something huge and amazing.

This is for you. Let’s make it by you, too.

Originally entitled The Good Times, I’m so excited to finally present …

The Restless Times.

And I’ll be your Assistant Editor. Enjoy the ride.

Don’t forget to check out and follow our website, where we’ll be publishing every monthly edition. There’ll also be some fabulous extra content! Click here.

For updates and general goodness in your life, find us on Instagram: @therestlesstimes

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  3. What a great post and I like your perspective. Embracing positivity in all its forms is the only way to live happily and be successful in this present world. Also individuals should be the change they wish to see in the world.

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    • thank you so much! Yes, we’re really aiming to create something burning with intesity and hope to really urge people to make a difference. Young adults need a place where they can be hopeful and inspired and equipped with the tools to throw themselves into the world!! Thanks for stopping bye xo

  6. Trish Frick says

    Good one Abster! I’ll write a piece about how you can clean the floor while in your socks dancing to “Let’s get Loud” with JLo!

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