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"Just Live Energy" – An Interview With The Members Of Be All End All

Yes, another interview from this past GRL PWR Fest at The Irenic, we were able to talk with the members of Be All End All after their set. Not only lively onstage, the group humored and welcomed us backstage for the interview. Read on to find out more about defining moments in the bands career thus far, future plans, and tater-tots?

To begin the interview Be All End All were asked to, of course, introduce themselves:
“Hi I am Carly I play guitar,”
“Carl’s I play the vocals,”
“Hi I’m Hannah they play the drums,”
“I’m K-money, I play bass.”
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To further proceed the interview they were asked for their background and influences:
“Well it  started with just me and Carl’s, our singer, in my bedroom writing songs and playing guitar and…or not even writing at first, like just covering songs. Then I wrote something and I was playing it and she was like ‘whoa! Who’s that by? I really like that.’ I was like ‘no, I wrote that!’ Then we just kind of met more people on the way and got formed into a full on band. Uh, influences? We really like, um not as much anymore, but the Pretty Reckless, with like some of our first songs. FIDLAR, The Frights, The Aquadolls, ya know, just anyone else from this.” Hannah then added on, “We’re from California so I definitely think that FIDLAR and like the whole ‘surf punk’ thing has influenced our music and where we live we’re right by the beach so we have a surfy sound” To reinstate what was previously said Carly followed up with, “like all the music we hear is surf music because…our practice space is like a block from the beach and it’s super cool. Really nice!”
Out of curiosity,  they then were asked what they personally thought makes them different.
Just to be straightforward and put it out there they replied with “We’re like 16.” Then Carly began explaining their unexpected lineup, “Yeah, we’re mostly girls and we’re pretty damn young. Um, something that we always think it’s cool is that like a lot of the times with like girl bands or like bands with girl singers like it’ll just be a girl singer and then a bunch of guys, which is fine, there’s nothing wrong with that, but we have all girls and one guy, which is kind of switched and we work so well and hard on just music. We’re constantly writing and we love what we do so much and just don’t try to put our music in a box, like we kinda write and whatever happens and we’ll write a song and be like, ‘oh this nothing like our sound. ‘Like let’s do it anyways! Like that’s how our sound develops. Everyone has something else that they bring to the table. Hannah’s drums, McKayla’s bass.”
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As interesting as it gets we need to know, what it means to be a local band.
To be in the local scene you must know people and grow through them, a member of the band was in agreement “we spread through like friends and then it like gets further”
 Carly threw in a bit of a sweet twist, “Something cool is that like, the relationships you form with other people and other local bands. We’ve made like so many friends, through just playing shows and have gotten to know so many people, which is awesome!”
Of course being in the local scene you may tend to be a little bit biased, but that won’t stop the question, What’s something local shows give you, that you can’t get from anywhere else?
“Just live energy, for sure. You can’t really get that in your bedroom, cause there’s not people breathing on you, or like loud and jump around definitely.” Another response that we found quite interesting was “It’s really just the whole weekend night package, like it’s got everything there is. It’s got food, it’s got drinks, it’s got people, it’s got live music. Ya know, it’s a whole fun time and one stop shop.”
 What’s the single most defining moment in your career so far?
Of course, “being able to, probably, play Grl Power Fest” is at the top of the list, who wouldn’t wanna play that?!
Carls began reminiscing on a very special day, “when we got the final recording back of our first song. I remember, it happened when I was at work and I got back it was just a billion texts in the group conversation about the song we got back and I was just like ‘OH’ and I didn’t wait till I got out, I just like open my phone started playing it and was like listening to it and I was standing in line waiting to cash my paycheck, just listening to the song quietly and was like ‘oh my goodness.’ Everyone around me is doing their boring retail life and I’m listening to the beginning of everything.”
What’s Next?
Carly brought up some great news involving new stuff, “We’re recording a new album soon, hopefully. We’re in the process of writing right now and it’s going to be really good, we think. Even better than our last release, umm, and so we’re going to record a full length album. Just play a ton of shows; the goal for us is to go on tour, like that’s just the dream. So hopefully someone takes us on tour, or we could tour ourselves.” Uh-Oh! They do indeed have some wild things being planned, “We’re Actually planning an all day festival, a local, for all the local bands who’re trying to get out there’ so we’ll see how that goes; planning for that sometime in January-February.”
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Lastly the iconic and infamous, “French Fries or tater tots?”
Nearly enraged with this question Carly starts the response, “Oh my gosh, how can you even?!” Of course the question of “Uh, in this situation, where are they from?” Came up, but let’s just say they can be from anywhere. To end the interview Carly gave us one wacky story to tell: “I kinda wanna say tater tots…Carls and I made a tater tot waffle one time. We like cooked them and then put them all onto the waffle iron and squished them.”
Make sure to check out the band’s tracks on Spotify and Bandcamp, a must-have on your playlists! Huge thanks to Be All End All for talking with us!

Article by Zoë Gandy

Interview by Kyla Wyllie & Autumn McDonald

Photography by Annika Cimas

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