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It’s currently 2017, we have pushed further into the fight for racial and sexual equality, and with the recent Women’s March, females everywhere are realizing their power to make a difference in the world. All considering, this article was long overdue for publishing. You may have read several other of our articles that address the need for a female revolution, a takeover in the music world, but right now we’re going to expand that range of empowerment. Fully compiled of the writing’s, art, and photography from today’s innovative teens, his article is for the soul purpose of realization for the female youth. You are more than what other’s make you out to be.

Shake up society, take off those stereotypes, and scream for your equal rights and opportunities.

You do have something to say, and people will listen.


(Before reading on in the article, make sure to check out our Spotify playlist, equipped with 50 songs to help you start your revolution, LINKED HERE. Made by Kalena van den Bergh & Ella Flaherty


“Untitled” by Gavin Kelleher

The Ultimate Guide to Loving Your Body

By: Sienna Rose Droback

Your foot is powerful whether it be smaller than a size 6, or larger than a size 10. Think of your foot as a guide to where you will travel next. Think of all your toes as the places you’ll go. They’re all very different. In so many ways. But they are all beautiful.
Walking is the backbone of all adventures. Love your legs regardless if they’re super hairy, fat, skinny, long, short, or full of scars and bruises. They are strong and have the power to take you anywhere you want to go. You can stand your ground, whatever the issue. It’s time we all looked insecurity in the face and told it, “Not today, I’m confident.”
LOVE YOUR LOVE HANDLES. EMBRACE THOSE HIPS. Even if you smack them on every table corner, and knock over people’s notebooks when you pass their desk. It’s just a little reminder saying, “Hey, I’m beautiful, show me off to the world!” But don’t be afraid or nervous to show off what you got. Was Beyonce intimidated when Jay Z cheated on her? Hell no. She put a baseball bat through a car window. (I’m not saying you should do that but you get the point) Once you are confident in your body you can do anything. But don’t waist time, just go for it.
Some people carry whole cakes on their behinds, while some of us only have cupcakes. But the point is, they’re both good as fuck! DON’T LET THE MEDIA TELL YOU, YOU ARE ONLY BEAUTIFUL IF YOU HAVE A PERFECT BIG BUTT. Not everyone can afford surgery to look like Kylie Jenner. So don’t feel horrible if you don’t have her body type. Love you!! Embrace your stretch marks, work that little booty! Love the natural you.
Finding  a good workout routine isn’t all that easy. And not all of us want to drink slimming tea, or get surgery to acquire that “perfect” flat tummy society loves. Although a flat stomach is beautiful, it doesn’t make anything else less beautiful! You don’t need to rock hard abs to be hot, guys! NO ONE HAS THE IDEAL BODY SHAPE NATURALLY. So enjoy your own!
There are 2 things the media loves. PERFECT BOOBS and MUSCULAR PECS. But that’s all fake, it’s just for looks and attention. Real people love real people. A girl who has a flat chest is beautiful, large boobs are beautiful. A muscular chest does not mean you’re automatically a gorgeous person, it’s how you represent yourself as person. Confidence is key to loving yourself. Society does not determine beauty. You do.
It’s so easy to reach for the stars if you have the confidence to do so. Chicken arms, flabby arms, or muscular arms, we can all reach to our full potential. It’s easy to reach as long as you try. Remember, you come first, love those constellation freckles or forest hair on your arms, it’s what makes you, you.
It’s no secret we all have different hands and fingers. Some may be wrinkly, some may be smooth, and some may have veins or freckles, but we can all hold onto things we love. Like as I write this now I’m showing appreciation for what I was given. Not just scrolling through my phone looking at Instagram. Palms are rough, and soft, but they all tell a story.
Part of loving yourself is learning to smile. Not a fake smile for a photo, but a genuine smile with closed eyes, crow’s feet, and showing all your teeth. The biggest thing you can do to love yourself is being able to look in the mirror, smile, and say I love you. The wrinkles on your face don’t matter, and the acne slowly stops mattering to you too once you appreciate yourself for who you are. Confidence is beautiful.
A person’s brain is full of thoughts. Some good, some bad. But we have to learn to filter out the negativity and focus on the positive. The truth is, sometimes we have to accept our flaws and learn to love them. I know it’s hard, trust me, I know. And it doesn’t happen overnight, it can take weeks, months, and even years. But once you get to that point, it’s all worth it.


“Sexism Sells” by Sofie Cohen 


By: Jordan Givens

She is my mother,

She is my cousin,

She is my best friend,

She is my equal in my mind

But maybe not his

Or his or his.

This is a mans world, but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl

Is a true statement 

But why don’t they get treated like we do?

I think its about time that Destiny’s Child came out with the part 2 to Independent Women because some people can’t seem to get through their head that.

She my mother,

She my cousin,

She my sister,

She my friend,

She that woman who just made my coffee, 

She the women who just won an Oscar,

She who is marching down the street screaming for her equality

Earns 21.4% less. 

That nasty woman earns 21.4% less

Than any man doing the same job.

You’re angry that they march through the streets chanting 

“Hey hey hoho Donald trump has got to go?”

They’re angry they have to do it in the first place!

So let me tell you Mr. President 

Don’t grab what’s not yours.

(L.A. Women’s March, 35mm, photographed by Zoey Kapinos)


By Gavin Kelleher

Feminism is rooted in love.
The sole purpose of feminism is connection and understanding, to recognize each other as human beings but also as individuals.
Feminism demands attention, and it’s pretty bossy sometimes, but that isn’t a bad thing.
Feminists aren’t “angry lesbians” or “bra-burners,” although, yeah, some of us are angry and happen to be gay!
You see, here’s the thing, inequality is a great reason to be angry!
And yeah, some of us don’t wear bras either!
But feminism does not have one face, it is anyone and everyone who believes in equality.
It is for anyone who believes that gender, race, sexual orientation, and identity should never be a source of discrimination.
The misconception is that feminism is for women, and women only, which is actually as far from the truth as you can possibly get!
Feminism is a movement that has a voice for everyone.
Feminism is a movement for gay rights, it’s a voice for the end of racial injustice and discrimination, for health rights, it is a movement for every single human being that is in a situation of oppression.
Feminism is angry sometimes.
Yet, it is also sweet and gentle,
Loud and soft.
Feminism is men, women, non binary, and everything in between.
Feminism is a movement of love and inclusion, and it’s a fucking beautiful thing.
It’s is about teaching young girls that they are powerful and strong, that their minds are marvelous contraptions so capable of unearthly wonder.
It is about assuring women that they are worthy of self love and all the appreciation and affection in the world.
Feminism teaches young boys that they don’t have to be masculine to be respected, that a real man is in touch with his emotions.
Feminism is an ally to every movement that fights for equality,
it is Black Lives Matter,
it is the movement towards acceptance of all people, especially those who don’t fit into social constructs.
Feminism is not about one specific gender or ethnicity, it is about respecting cultural differences while acknowledging the connection that all humans share.
Feminism is unapologetic, it is bold.
Feminism is a voice for love.


“Babe with the Power” by Winter Trinity

Art, Writings, & Photography All Voiced by The World’s Powerful Youth

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