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Thought a concert couldn’t happen in a backyard? Ask the overflowing crowd that showed up to support local indie surf-punk band, Bad Kids, and think again.
Just two days ago, the guys of Bad Kids, (Bassist: Arturo Macias, Drummer: Leon Lara, Guitarist: Ray Hamilton, Keys: Chad Boland, and Vocalist: Kalani Lomu) along with Fake Tides, Los Shadows, Instinct, Spooky Cigarette, and T.Rexico threw the wildest and most memorable house show to ever exist in Imperial Beach.
I’m talking lights.
A freaking rope swing.
The works.

After being on tour for a week, the band released their newest album, Are You There? With a bang on January 28, 2017. Based off of Saturday night at their show, tracks such as Denial,” and Snake,” are already very popular with fans.
Heavily inspired by Blood on the Dance Floor, you can expect upbeat, fast paced ballads that really capture the individualized emotions of each member, altogether more intense than previous songs. Are You There? Is a combination of each member’s individual voice, personalized to their embodiment.
Originally going to be a 4-5 song EP, the band really stepped up and recorded all 11 for Are You There? And wasted no time with the new album; one could say it was entirely a hit or miss shot. Just after rehearsing new song, “Snake,” just once, they immediately recorded. Vocalist Kalani recalls his confidence in their music when preparing to record the final tracks, “We can make it work.”

When I ask the band what they hope fans take away from the new album, the responses are vast, rendering from amusing to serious.

Q: “What do you hope fans take away from this album, versus your others?”
A: “Damn, this doesn’t suck.”
“This is so much better than the last album.”
“Best band ever.”
“They’ve matured.”
“I hope it captures what we wanted individually. Like what Bad Kids are now. I hope that you can hear all of us individually and be like, that’s them.”

Seriousness not yet aside, Kalani happily chats with us about how close the band is. When I state that they are “like a family band” I earn laughs from the other members, but Kalani remains solemn.
“It feels weird when I haven’t seen them in a while. After tour, they’d all show up at my house…” He laughs, adding that they definitely experienced separation anxiety post-tour.

Altogether, Bad Kids set the bar high for new albums (and shows) of 2017. Are You There? alongside Act Your Age leaves fans both old and new to experience the individualized, devoted, and intensified music that the guys have made for us to enjoy. For those of us “Coming Home,” download Are You There? on iTunes for a little “Something New.”

Thank you SO much to Bad Kids for setting aside time for this interview! Download all 11 songs of Are You There? On iTunes NOW!

Article & Photography by Ashdon Byszewski

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