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Music w/ Kinga

This is a collab with the lovely Kinga! She’s a stunning writer and photographer, so check out her blog here and see more of her work here

Photos by Kinga.

ME: Let’s start with concerts, and going to gigs to see music live. First, I think it really brings people together, which is amazing. It’s so uniting – everyone’s there to see the same person and hear the same thing, and the whole concert is very – everyone seems very accepted, everyone’s the same.

KINGA: Definitely! Everyone in the crowd becomes one. And the best feeling of the night is when your favourite song comes on and everyone is singing the lyrics. That feeling of being totally free and carefree for those couple of minutes.

Oh that’s such an amazing feeling! When it’s your favourite song and there’s thousands of people singing it and the artist is up there, and just the lights and the heat of the room and everything, it makes you want to cry. Yeah, it’s just absolute freedom.

For me, those songs were Falling for you by The 1975, and Naive by The Kooks.

I love that 1975 song! And for me, it was Colours by Halsey. I can remember that moment so clearly.


So, kind of related to this, is how music can define moments. You know when you hear a song, and you are immediately transported back to the exact time you were listening to it constantly. It’s different to anything else. I never find I feel like that with writing, or photos, or paintings, or anything else. Just music.

Yeah for sure! Seaside by The Kooks defines the whole summer of 2014 for me. Whenever I hear it I immediately see the friends I spent that summer with, the ocean, the sunsets. Songs also define some people – you know your best friend’s favourite song, and when you hear it you immediately think of them.

Yes! I have this whole album that is so intimately associated with an old relationship for me. And you do begin to relate people to music. One of my closest friends, she’s a very modern, upbeat, electronic, pop music kind of person. and that’s one of the way I describe her in my head, that’s one of the ways I would describe her to others. Music is such an intimate expression of an artist, it can also become an intimate expression of others.

Sometimes songs sound like people too… you know when someone is really bubbly and genuinely a happy person, a song that sounds like them is really upbeat.

Yeah, songs are so … they’re like people, they have their own personalities and feelings associated with them.


On a slightly new topic …

And music can save people. Music makes you feel heard and understood. The best music always has so much emotion in it, so much feeling, and when they’re talking about something that is so hard for you, or something so true to yourself, you feel really understood.

I agree – everyone has those lyrics they connect to, that make them feel like they’re not alone, that there’s someone out there who feels the same, and this makes them feel better and reassures them they will be okay. Songs can give people hope and make them forget about their problems for a while.

Exactly, and sometimes that’s what can save you, just knowing there’s someone out there like that. That you’re not alone. There’s this beautiful representation of how you feel, and it sort of validates it. A song that means so much to me in that way is How to save a life by The Fray.

Oh yes, that song is amazing. I think a lot of people can connect to it.

The other thing about music is how timeless it can be. I mean, people are still listening to and loving music from the 60s, 70s, 80s. it really connects you back to much older generations, eras and times.

KINGA: An old song is perfect for any kind of nostalgia. It can transport you to previous moments and memories.

Yeah, it’s so evocative. It really connects you back to past times, past feelings. And vinyl! Can we just talk about how cool it is that vinyl is coming back! We talked about everything music connects us to, but vinyl is like this way of connecting back to the music itself, connecting back to music in a really intimate way. It’s a rejection of how digitalised everything is.


Ah, I love vinyl, and this whole idea of bringing back vintage everything: record players, film cameras, actual books … it definitely shows the rebellion to the rapid technology advancements. People just want something to hold – a CD is better than a digital song on Spotify, a developed photo that you can hold and put up on your wall or in an album is better than a digital photo in an untouched folder on your computer.

This is something so important to me! I love how our whole generation is turning around and saying, yes, we’re the first ones to grow up in this new age of technology and everything, but actually, we don’t like it so much. People are always saying ‘print is dead’, and in a way it is, but in a way it really isn’t. I mean there are so many new, small magazines popping up. Blogs turning to print, more and more people self-publishing books of poetry and art – and people are buying them! I just think you there’s nothing better than a physical representation of something.

Oh my god yes! I don’t buy the mainstream magazines, just the ones written by the new generation of creative people. It’s so much nicer to actually hold a magazine, cut it up and create this massive collage on your wall.

Yes yes yes, and with books too; underlining stuff and really making it yours. And definitely, especially The Messy Heads, of course – Ah, Emma is such an inspiration for me right now.

Yes me too! Her whole movement is so inspiring and amazing that young girls can look up to her.

This was followed by a slightly irrelevant long discussion about Emma, The Messy Heads, young women, media and more …


I love where we’re going, but the last thing I wanted to talk about was music as an art form. I read a quote somewhere, and it was something like “all art aspires towards the condition of music.” I think that’s so beautiful, so right. All art aspires to the rhythm, the movement, the perfect arrangement and feeling music has. It’s so hard to capture that in anything else – film, writing, photography, paint, dance … and so music as art is so amazing, because it’s just so different to everything else. It’s like the epitome of art.

That quote is so beautiful – music just has every element perfect, and there is so much detail that goes into the production of a really good piece of music.

Yes, and the feeling you get from music, and everything we’ve been talking about – it’s so hard to find anywhere else. I don’t really think it’s something you can get anywhere else.


Music is one of a kind. It gives you feelings and emotions that no other art form can.

Yeah. it’s really amazing, when you think about it.

Also, other art forms everyone can interpret differently, but music mostly makes everyone feel the same.

There’s plenty of people who don’t like to read, or go to galleries, or see the ballet – but nearly everyone loves to listen to music.

That’s so true, and it really links back to the point that music connects people.

Yes! It’s such a universal thing, a real point of connection.

Check out the playlist below, filled with the songs we mentioned and a few others we thought really summed up everything we were talking about.

And (again) don’t forget to check out Kinga’s blog here – and follow her on instagram!


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