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The Sub & The Watermelon – An Interview With The Guys of Grove

When you picture pre-show warm ups, most people think of practicing their vocals, taking a smoke break, or even running a lap. For the trio that makes up the guys of Grove, all it took was a couple push ups, a sub sandwich, a watermelon, and for “Party Pat,” a lot of Maui Wowie.
In the dimly lit yet cozy back room of The Irenic, Chris Olson, Pat Collins, and Lawrence Kattoula gladly open up to us about the band that rose from the ashes of The Snykes.

“It started with a jam sesh, actually,” Chris tells me confidently. Where The Snykes were a grunge rock group, Grove differs in their tunes. Hits like “Bacardi” and “All Hail The Queen” still remain popular with their fans, along with notorious hashtag #FuckTheSnykes. However, Grove has really been on the ball since their creation in October 2016- new songs such as “Roses” and “Candy” have already drawn both old and new fans in.
When asked how they maintain originality among the constantly moving San Diego scene, Pat and Chris take a moment to answer, “I think we’re pretty unique. I mean, the majority of the scene in San Diego is hard rock or surf punk.” (Practicing 5 to 6 hours a day can’t hurt, either.)
Closing song, “Candy,” certainly differed from the other bands playing that evening, such as rock band The Bash Dogs, punk rock trio Opt Out, and hard rock band Essex Class. Roses,” was a HUGE hit for fans when all three members pulled out a handful of pink roses, tossing them lightheartedly to the crowd, which nicely broke up the pounding, heavy rock we’d enjoyed all night. Drummer Lawrence Kattoula certainly seized the moment for a special girl when handing out his roses.

Despite their music, no one could mistake Grove for typical rockers. As I badger the guys with more intense questions, Pat begins to come down from his adrenaline high and grow solemn, answering with sincerity, whereas Chris wholeheartedly agrees that he likes the happier songs.

“Do you find it’s easier to write a happier song, or an emotional, sad song?”
Pat: “Oh definitely a sad song.”

Pat goes on to tell me that one of their songs is about a tough breakup he went through, along with social anxiety and the general nervousness in just trying to make it through the motions that we can all understand; it’s what makes their songs so relatable.
“Social anxiety definitely plays a huge part in it,” Pat says solemnly, Chris on the other hand, likes happier songs. A certain Cage The Elephant tune gets him super pumped, putting him in a happy-go-lucky mood.
As they made their debut performance at Save The Scene that night, the former Snykes head onstage, glowing with the prospect of becoming, once again, something great; this time as Grove.
After closing with newest song “Candy”, there isn’t a doubt in anyone’s minds that the scene had definitely been saved.

Article & Photography by Ashdon Byszewski

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