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Photographers on Instagram

FIRST AND foremost, Instagram is a place to share photos. And that’s exactly what the following 10 people are doing – just, really damn well. There’s this whole @hinfluencer movement surging through Instagram, but I’m finding most of the art produced through it is fairly … emotionless. So, I set out to pile together the people still focused on photographs that make you feel something.

Right now, I’m really drawn to those capturing the female form. I’m inspired by skin, water, candidness, odd lighting, and film. These photographers all feel like variations of the same ideas – but there’s this individuality, this something all their own that can be found in their work. Without further ado, here’s my current top 10 instagram photographers (with links to their accounts).


Hanna Walters – @demurela

Queen. That’s all I can say. She focuses on the landscape of Portland, Oregan and female subjects. She’s started venturing into underwater as well, bringing a completely different touch to the medium.


Kat Irlin – @kat_in_nyc

Kat’s vibe: New York twenty, thirty years ago. Dark lighting, exaggerated features and unexpected angles create the sort of work that’s earned her thousands upon thousands of followers – she was just recently verified on instagram!


Mark Harless – AKA Bleeblu – @bleeblu

He’s entirely focused on the female form, capturing intimate moments of femininity. He also regularly puts out a book titled Hey Darling, complete with hundreds of photos and packaged with hours of behind-the-scenes footage. I can’t claim to have ever owned a copy, but I’ve been dreaming about it for months. Shop here.


Amos Haley – @sadsongsnskinnyjeans

The first time I found Amos, I scrolled through his feed for nearly an hour, entranced. Emotion is captured perfectly within his photos – moments of all sorts. With a focus on girls and femininity (are you seeing a pattern here), you can expect plenty of rawness and beauty.


India Earl – @indiaearl

There’s absolutely nothing like wedding and elopement photos to make you happy. India’s colours are stunning, and I’ve never seen someone capture a couple or a moment of love so perfectly. She uses light and and movement gorgeously, too.


Morgan Halas – @morganhalas

A different type of photographer! Yay! Each and every one of Morgan’s photos are exquisite and breathtaking. If I had to pick a dream job, taking photos like this might be it.


Brock Sanders – @shotwithfilm

One of the first film accounts I ever found, and he continues to grow and improve. The colour and feel of the photos is just slightly different to everything else – film, when used this well, is unsurpassable.


Savannah Castranda – @suhvvn

Probably the most unique of the list – her photos have a strange, etheral vibe. Recently, she’s been branching out into darker, grungier stuff, with far more disturbing and adult themes.


Ray Collins – @raycollinsphoto

Another ocean photographer! I simply have no words for him. Every photo I see, I’m wondering  how he can find new ways to capture waves. It seems his creativity is endless in regards to his subject matter – I never get tired of seeing new work.


Jimmy O’Donnel – @shitjimmyshoots

Honestly, the only reason he’s made the list is because he may have produced my favourite photo in the world. Ever. Just look at it.



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  2. Awesome post! One photographer who has cool work is ‘greenneck’ on instagram! Check him out!

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