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“Beauty Queen” – Release of Ryan Frailich’s Newest Single

If you’re looking for that song to play in the background of your romantic summer montage, look no further. LA based artist Ryan Frailich brings groovy beats and perfectly sappy lyrics with his newest single, “Beauty Queen.” The punchy electric guitar and trumpet add complementary elements to this poppy track that took me by surprise, but totally worked. You’ll definitely feel like a classic babe listening to this, with lyrics like: “You got stars in your eyes, yeah you look like a beauty queen.” Ryan’s vocals have that classic you-can’t-go-wrong pop idol quality, and layered over the background vocals, they make you want to get to a dance floor ASAP.

Listen to Beauty Queen on Spotify and Apple Music, also available for purchase on iTunes. Ryan plans to make a ton of music in 2017, be sure to stay on the lookout for upcoming tracks!

Article by Emma Greenberg 

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