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Last Week of 2016, Pt. 2

THE WEEK just gone was a lot of things; christmas and new years, for a start. Melbourne finally decided we were, actually, in Summer, and graced us with a week of stifling days. I stayed on an island, met new people, caught up with old friends, watched several sunsets and a sunrise, skinny dipped, pier jumped, played frisbee in the water and rain, and danced until my feet hurt. Between everything, I swum and laughed and talked and made a hundred new memories.

You could call it the last week of the year. Or the first real week of summer holidays. It was closure and a new beginning all in one. It was a special week in so many ways – and I’ve collected some journal fragments and photos that seem to sum it up.



Monday, 26/12/16

A clear, cloudless sky, so I lay outside for ten minutes just before midnight. Swathed in blankets and swiping at mosquitos, I stared at the stars until the whole sky seemed choked with pinpricks of light. I truly felt utterly small, insignificant, and whole all at once. My dad discussed physics and the beginning of the universe with me.

Note to self: Look at the stars more. Note to Self #2: Find a warm night to spend on the roof.


Tuesday 27/12/16

Skyped a friend from 2am onwards, and watched the sun rise from my sister’s bedroom window. Slept all day, and was woken up just before 6pm to hop in the car and head to a barbecue at a friends place. Rain fell quietly all evening, and we played cards all night.


Wednesday – Friday, 28-30/12/16

These days were much the same. A hazy mix of Friends marathons, writing and editing blog posts, wearing oversized t-shirts and underwear, and short trips to the jetty. The fan was never off, the strawberries never seemed to run out, and I woke up no earlier than 12.

Thursday, I ended up the jetty for a few hours. 10 or 12 friends showed up around the same time and we played frisbee for hours in the water, watching a storm roll in slowly, rain in turn bucketing and drizzling. Lightening flickered over the ocean, and we left just as gunshot-thunder cracked above our heads. The sky opened up completely, and I stayed out in the front yard for nearly half an hour, dancing and sitting and watching, nearly as wet as when I had been swimming.





rain-danceIn the rain.



Saturday (New Years Eve), 31/12/16

What a day.

Around 2:00 I headed down to the hall to meet up with Giada, Indi, Enya and Janae. Activites were running all afternoon, and we joined in for the sack race and egg and spoon race, which was a little bit of a disastor and a whole lot of fun. We sat cross-legged on a pinic mat, eating scones and talking and catching up.



After an hour or so, we piled into a car-boot and ended up back at Giada’s. We lazed around in the kitchen, and then wandered into the studio. Guitars were picked up, the piano plugged in, and we made music all afternoon, singing and playing and laughing.

dsc_07725 girls, one boot



Afterwards, we washed each other’s hair in the sink, and, heads wrapped in towels, headed upstairs to sort through the clothes piled on Giada’s bed (Indi had pretty much bought her whole wardrobe).



Finally dressed (it was a multi-hour process), we added dangly earrings, slid rings on fingers and swapped shoes. I popped home to pick up a few things for the night, and was back in time for an early dinner of salmon, prawns and potato bake. Side note: Most amazing salmon I’ve had in my entire life.

Afterwards, I sat down in front of a mirror and Enya cut my hair from waist length to shoulder length. We grabbed ice and a needle and pierced Janae’s ears.




Glitter on our cheeks, we headed outside to take photos and watch the sunset. Giada threw hoodies at us from the window.



Around 9:30 we were back in the car, speeding down a rocky road in the direction of the hall. We arrived to lights and pounding music and laughter and a clear sky. The night passed in a blur of dancing and stumbling around on the oval, singing at the top of our lungs. I can remember quite clearly the band announcing someone had requested Summer of ’69, and dancing and screaming the lyrics with Janae and Indi until my feet were aching and I had a stitch in my side and I felt happier than I’d felt in months.





After a quick ride home to pick up my camera charger, we piled back into the boot at about 1:30 and headed down to the jetty. It was completely empty, and we stripped off and waded in. The water was deliciously warm, the current strong, the stars bright overhead. We jumped from the top, bursting into black water.

Quote of the night: “I’ve never backflipped naked off a jetty before!”


This new year eve, I cut my hair, danced until my feet hurt, and skinny dipped at 2am with people I’d met once before. It was a whole lot of firsts – fitting, for the first day of 2017.

Don’t forget to read Part 1.


PS – today marks the day that 50 amazing people are following Seafoam, and I want to say thankyou, a thousand times. it means the absolute world to me, and every time someone new follows Seafoam, I get insanely excited. It was a breathless last week of 2016, but you guys have made it the most excting start to 2017. Sending all the love to every single one of you. xo


  1. First picture …. superb! Nice blog and the adventure Abby, thanks for checking my blog…
    Following you! Cheers! :)

  2. Just come across your blog and its so lovely! Your photographs are great, just followed! Would love it if you could check out my blog x
    The Buttercup Baby

  3. this “last week” looks so cool ! it’s clearly winter in France so I can’t relate but i saw sunsets too ahah
    + happy new year ! may it be full of joy, love, happiness and health 😘

    • thank you! I’ve always wanted to have a ‘white christmas’, to actually be able to wear proper christmas jumpers and drink hot drinks and have a fire! one day, maybe. + an amazing, happy new year to you too x

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