Month: January 2017

Who's Most Likely To…? ft. THE AQUADOLLS

This October, all of the ghouls, demons, and other spooks gathered at the Irenic in North Park, San Diego to join The Aquadolls and other local bands for GRL PWR Fest, with a bit of a twist; there was a costume contest, candy and more. We got the opportunity to get to know The Aquadolls on a more personal level with a game of “Who’s Most Likely To…?” with Melissa Brooks, Ryan Fralich, Jacob Brown, and Bella Devroede.

A Few Words with Local Spacy Dinosaur Rock Band: T.Rexico

Sometimes so laid back I could literally lay back on The Venue Couch (you know, that couch that’s in every venue… Even if you don’t see a couch anywhere, it’s there somewhere), and sometimes so energetic that even the sound guy is jumping up and down in the booth, a T.Rexico show never disappoints. Catch them at a house show or the Che and you’ll see Thomas rocking those summery surf rock guitar progressions we all love, Bryce bringing major Buttertones vibes on bass, and Tristin on drums laying down beachy beats straight out of the 60s. When we got to talk to them at this particular show, we got to hear Kiara on organ too, which added a whole new element to their sound that we totally dig. Stay tuned for deets on their Spacy Dinosaur Rock sound, some notes on the scene, and how this local San Diego band came to be.

The Sub & The Watermelon – An Interview With The Guys of Grove

When you picture pre-show warm ups, most people think of practicing their vocals, taking a smoke break, or even running a lap. For the trio that makes up the guys of Grove, all it took was a couple push ups, a sub sandwich, a watermelon, and for “Party Pat,” a lot of Maui Wowie. In the dimly lit yet cozy back room of The Irenic, Chris Olson, Pat Collins, and Lawrence Kattoula gladly open up to us about the band that rose from the ashes of The Snykes.

“Beauty Queen” – Release of Ryan Frailich’s Newest Single

If you’re looking for that song to play in the background of your romantic summer montage, look no further. LA based artist Ryan Frailich brings groovy beats and perfectly sappy lyrics with his newest single, “Beauty Queen.” The punchy electric guitar and trumpet add complementary elements to this poppy track that took me by surprise, but totally worked. You’ll definitely feel like a classic babe listening to this, with lyrics like: “You got stars in your eyes, yeah you look like a beauty queen.” Ryan’s vocals have that classic you-can’t-go-wrong pop idol quality, and layered over the background vocals, they make you want to get to a dance floor ASAP.


As all of you should know, California is in a drought, and has been lacking in water for the past few years. This is because we are consuming greater amounts of water than produced, and the San Diego music scene works a lot like that. We have neglected to create new faces onstage, instead depending on the same people and same music, but there’s only so long that can last. Eventually everyone moves on with their lives, rotating through high school, to college, and onward. How can there be a music scene when the music runs out, or when the bodies that had previously crammed into living rooms, churches, and discarded and re-purposed buildings, just to enjoy live music, no longer carry an interest? Once it’s gone, someone is going to have to care enough to rebuild the entire community back up from the ground. This is why we need to plan a sort of intervention, and that’s exactly what was done.