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Mini Guide: Send Some Letters!

THERE’S SOMETHING so special about recieving a letter. In all the ways this person could have communicated with you, with a stroke of a keypad or the touch of a phone, they chose to pull out paper and pen and handwrite an entire letter, seal it with a stamp, and post it to you. It gives you such a warm, fuzzy feeling in your chest – and it’s something tangible, something you can keep forever. Emails and texts can be deleted – letters are for keeping.

Sitting down to write a letter can seem daunting (and a bit boring). But there are SO many things you can send via post, and so many different ways to brighten someone’s day. So grab some envelopes, stamps + glitter, and get ready to share alotta love.


  • kiss marks
  • string / twine
  • paint
  • stickers !!
  • lil collages
  • glitter / sparkles
  • washi tape
  • small doodles / caricatures


  • lists (lists. just lists. lists are amazing.)

a list of memories you and they have
a list of things you like about them
a list of reasons you’re sending the letter
a list of places you want to visit with them
a list of things you wish you could send, but can’t because your envelope’s too small
a list of movies to watch
a list of books to read
a list of music to listen to
a list of places to eat/shop/drink coffee at in their area (requires a bit of research)

  • poetry. If you can write (and even if you can’t), poetry is a personal, beautiful thing to recieve. you could also enclose someone else’s poetry!
  • where you would take them out for breakfast/dinner/lunch if you were with them
  • a quote
  • a recipe for something yummy
  • ask questions. questions about their day or something you’ve been thinking about or just an odd topic.
  • make plans for the next time you see them (whether tomorrow or next month!). maybe a movie marathon or a project you want to start or a day-trip somewhere new.


  • a tea bag
  • glitterrrr!! (might want to include a note apologising for the mess)
  • photos / polaroids
  • a packet of hot chocolate / hot cocoa
  • face masks
  • friendship bracelets
  • a memory stick! (this is my favourite idea. you can send photos, videos, movies, tv shows, playlists/music, longer writing, links to favourite blogs … anything!)
  • small chain necklaces
  • a sample of fancy shampoo
  • temporary tattoos
  • art (your own, or others you’ve seen!)
  • a packer of sunflower / wildflower seeds
  • ripped out magazine / newspaper articles
  • paint samples (try colours that evoke certain emotions)
  • pressed flowers or leaves
  • pages from your journal
  • a spritz of perfume! so romantic and sweet


  • love,
  • all the love,
  • kind regards,
  • yours,
  • sincerely,
  • hugs,
  • thinking of you,
  • yours truly,
  • sending my love,
  • see you soon,
  • forever yours,
  • cheers,
  • missing you,



Letters are a unique way to stay in touch with those who are far away, but don’t forget about those nearby! Even if they’re just around the corner, a letter stuffed with handwritten memories, photos, pressed flowers, glitter and art, tied together with kiss marks and perfume – it’s sure to brighten someone’s day immensely !!

Have you recieved many letters? I have several on my wall above my bed, and I know I’ve had glitter sent my way before! Have you recieved differnet things, or do you have other ideas on what to enclose? Tell me your letter-writing stories!



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  2. Just found your site through a Messy Heads comment I absolutely love your content :) I feel like we have a lot of similar interests, I just started a blog this year and it would mean the world if you could check it out <3

    • thank you so much!! just checked out a few of your posts and I LOVE them! we definitely seem to be interested in the same stuff (+ same name yay), so excited to see more from you xo

  3. This is such a beautiful and original post! I’ve actually gotten back in to writing letters in the last few months (I used to do it a lot when I was little!) & you’re so right – the fact that you can hold on to it & keep it forever is everything. Lots more personal! xx

    • It’s so much more intimate, yeah. I used to write to family a lot (most of them live fairly far away) but only recently have i started sending to friends. I love it! And I’m glad you liked the post x

  4. I love getting letters so much; I tend to get two monthly from my dear pen pals! Loved reading this post, because I’ve working on something very similar for my blog ♥

    • It was such a fun topic to write about, I can’t wait to read yours! That’s sounds amazing, I’ve always wanted to set up a pen pal relationship and never did. Thanks for leaving a comment x

  5. I’ve never received a letter in my life and I’ve sent one.
    And it’s kinda sad.
    What about if I send you a letter? That would count as a new experience for me.
    What do you think?

    • Hi! I’m a huge fan of The Messy Heads, but I’m being completely honest when I say – I did think of this idea without seeing their post. My mum told me she was sending letters out to all her friends instead of Christmas presents, and putting in hot chocolate packets and face masks and a tea bag. I was struck with inspiration! I was halfway through writing the post when I saw The Messy Head’s own post (after diligently stalking their archives during a moment of boredom!), and realised with a slight bit of dissapointment that it wasn’t an original idea. The only thoughts I took directly from them were some from the “decorate with” column, and a only two from the “enclose” column. Some ideas did overlap, but that was a coincidence! Thank you for noticing though, how amazing is their blog??
      Abby x

      • ellarose says

        one of my all time favorites! sorry for the accusations- it just looked errily simlar… great minds think alike! really wonderful post!

  6. Abby, I’ve kept every letter I’ve ever received. They take up boxes and suitcases and live in our Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs. My mum has kept many of my letters and postcards and given them back to me. One day I’ll open up the storage cases and re-read my life. Sadly, it started winding up around 1992 as people lost the impetus to write in any detail. Christmas cards went from being mini-stories about the year just passed to being signatures… and now barely exist. (Except for yours and your mum’s! Thank you!)

    • I think it’s such a shame that we never send letters anymore, they mean so much more than an email or text. I’ve saved heaps of cards and little notes I’ve recieved and I can’t wait to be able to read through them all agin :) thank you! x

  7. This is so cute, such a great idea especially for this time of year! This inspired me to try this with a friend that unfortunately lives in a completely different country to me. So glad I found your blog x

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