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“Be My Show” – Release Of Maadwest’s Duet Video

Capturing the perfect scenery for a music video is hard to do, but that is exactly what Maadwest from L.A. did with their brand new video for their song “Be My Show”. This duet sang by Tipper Newton and frontman Matty McNamara, is the second song off their LP “I Can’t Believe We’re All Idiots”, filmed in the always beautiful Yosemite National Park. The video is filmed by Mikai Karl, who travels and captures beauty in any setting, with a relaxing track.
When listening to this song, you can envision the love there is between the two, and a beautiful setting around them. That is portrayed perfectly in the video, adding a new perspective to the song as the two adventure to a field of grass. Matty’s voice with a response by Tippers high vocal tone over one guitar track creates a surround sound, with a surreal setting for a song that can be played on repeat on long road trips, sleepless nights, or to lure your lover in on any given night.
“Be My Show” is a different sound created by Maadwest, and shows a variety of styles on their LP, with punky guitar styles and vocals to a duet played over an acoustic guitar. If you haven’t already heard, be sure to check out their Bandcamp: and their new LP!

Article by Raymond Hamilton

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