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“You Gotta Breathe It, Eat It, Shower It, Or Something Like That"- An Interview With Los Shadows

Article written by Autumn McDonald
For San Diego band Los Shadows, it all started with the simple question of: “Do you wanna go to California and do music?” All five members came together from places like Florida all to make music they say is described as surf goth, one member saying, “Yeah, some people call us surf goth…I wouldn’t wanna take it on but, I mean it is what it is.”
The members exchanged memories of how they gained their connections, some recall meeting on Craigslist, but some going deeper like being friends since middle school. But.. ”Why California?” We asked. All the members collectively said they were born here in California, and grew up here in National City. And the guys behind the music? There’s Andy Saldana on guitar, “El Sancho” Pepe, also on guitar and vocals, “El Guapo” Mark Bullard on the tom toms, and Xavier Prieto on the bass.

To start a band, the members say commitment is key. “Everyone wants to start a band but no one actually wants to do shit,” Pepe comments, “You gotta breathe it, eat it, shower it, or something like that.” For instance the band says without music they would be dead, in jail, making DIY projects, or in the bottom of the sea.

Los Shadows has obviously stayed committed to their music, recently releasing their debut album “Midnight Climax” on August 16th, 2016, an album that encompasses the vibe of late night San Diego, with song titles such as “Riverside” and “Blue Dream”. Which speaking of, members say before shows they like to smoke, and maybe drink some times, saying it depends on the show. But, they tell us, “You always have to have your pre-show shit. We run on Coffee, a good night’s sleep, and a couple of beers.”

At Geach Both, the show we saw them play in early October, they took on a whole different form, enveloping the crowd in a sea of good vibes and melodic music to dance to. So if you’re looking for a good time, dance the night away with the five funny guys from Los Shadows. 

Huge thanks to the band for stepping aside to talk to us, we’ve linked their Instagrams and Bandcamp in the article, so make sure to give them a listen!

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