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Welcome To Gatekeeper Fest 2016

Article by Kyla Wyllie
Local San Diego band, Waldo, decided to erase the fine line separating poetry and music with Gatekeeper Fest, 2016. Waldo told us in their interview (look for release upon later date) that they want poetry to be more involved in the local scene and really “make a party out of it;” that’s exactly what they did. 
I’ve never been to a local show quite like this one before, thrown in the backyard of bassist Sam Fisher’s house, Gatekeeper Fest was like spending the night in an entirely separate universe. In this world, unlike the one I found myself in upon waking up this morning, sitar players can perform beside indie bands, but only after the open mic poetry has ended and everyone has had a chance to look at all of the handmade jewelry and art on display. (I’m not joking, there was an actual sitar player there, one that wowed everyone I might add.) Not to mention set of Noodle Nose, who closed the night playing a bubble machine?
Besides Temporex DJ-ing between poetry and the stylings of Julian Armijo on the sitar, the music started off with the members of Trouter Space, who played several songs off their album, “Bummer.” (I might be biased in this case, seeing as I know every lyric to nearly all of their songs, but this album is the best thing to vibe to, I highly suggest.)
Moving on to Sad Muffin and Waldo themselves, the crowd started to really get into the music at this point. As the faces inside got rowdier, more and more people began spilling out into the streets to dance, they played the atmosphere like Martha Argerich plays a piano (sorry I couldn’t resist making a bad joke).
I can’t even begin to describe Noodle Nose, since I’m not 100% what it was exactly, besides art. I guess you’re just going to have to be on the lookout for the next show to really understand the entirety of it all.
(Make sure to check out all the bands that performed, I’ve linked their Bandcamp/Soundcloud’s onto their names!)

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