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From Aquaintences, To Friends, To Brothers – An Interview With The Savage Young

Article written by Autumn McDonald
Photography by Annika Cimas

As Kyla put it in the article, “The First Ever Frick it Fest,” “The members of The Savage Young have unreplicable chemistry that is hard to miss, and shines through in their stage presence.” Lead Singer Wyatt Pendleton told us that the chemistry started when he was in college here in San Diego at Point Loma University, and met drummer Brad Sewell. “I asked Adam Burton if he wanted to be lead guitar in the band and pulled Jordan Brownlee, bass guitarist, and there we are, the four piece, Savage Young.”

They recently released a new EP, “Studio West Sessions,” which they said recording wise, went a lot smoother than their first album did. Pendleton disclosed that the full length album is more produced, and more full sound while their new EP is “just them live in the studio, no layers.” The hardest song to write for the group was, “Wicked West,” and the easiest, “Modern Romance,” explaining that they weren’t even going to put it on the album, but after one take of adding drums, they changed their minds. If you haven’t taken the time to listen to The Savage Young, (which you really should) they describe their unique sound as “snagaflicious.” Pendleton elaborated, “A little snazz, a little pop, a little rock, a little metal, a little..socks?”

With all those categories they placed their music under, you have to wonder who they’re inspired by. When we asked them about it, they said that they have influences from a bunch of different bands. From the Arctic Monkeys, to Muse, which Burton adds, “is a big one for Brad,” and then to the classics like Led Zeppelin and The Beatles. Pendleton and Burton have an almost three hour commute to get to San Diego, and told us that in the car they will jump from listening to people like Miley Cyrus to Prog Rock music.

“Music is a grand community,” Pendleton states, “and thinking about one day being a part of that community with the people we’ve obsessed over brings out the music geek in all of us.” The group put their heads together and decided on their 3 favorite bands that they’ve played with, and they came up with a list, counted by hand; The Feds, Hate Drugs, and Pilgrim Song. Pendleton explained, “When I listen to music I listen for things that are odd, cool, and different and that’s what I try to induct in my music”

For every musician music continues over everything, and is the most important thing in their lives. We asked the boys what they’re up to outside of music however, and Sewell responeded, “I’m an accounting major, but music obviously prevails for me, its nice to have something to lean back on.”

The boys told us how they have went from acquaintances, to friends, to brothers, as like most bands will as they progress overtime, but there’s something about the way that the members of The Savage Young can bounce off each other and interact, that has success written all over it. I, for one, cannot wait to see what they do next!
Check out the band’s Soundcloud: Here


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