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Article written by Kyla Wyllie
Video filmed and edited by Kyla Wyllie
The infamous DIY venue, known as The Che Cafe, describes the local music scene in a nutshell. Created by unedited self expression and complete social and creative acceptance, The Che Cafe is a must visit destination for music lovers residing in San Diego. Some might see it as a small building swallowed whole by spray paint and graffiti, but if you take another look you’ll see a safe space filled with a close family of strangers, all there for one reason… music.
We were fortunate enough to be invited by the members of Effe Emme to experience this first hand, and cover their show,”Geath Both” (a play on the October music festival, “Beach Goth”).
The show was started by bands: Hollywood Stock Exchange, Spicy Camaro, and Effe Emme. The laid back atmosphere of the Che created a perfect opportunity for those present to catch up with people they had met at shows before, or were just now meeting, and listen to some good music. Whether you were up dancing, talking, or just sitting and taking everything in, these three bands started up the night on a high note.
Next to take the stage was T.Rexico, who’s 60’s surf rock roots got more people up and moving. Previously a trio, they’ve recently added keyboard player Kiara Pornan to the group (an A1 decision, creating another buoyant layer to their music).
Finally ending the night, Los Shadows and Fake Tides, two amazingly talented bands who’s infectious high energy even got crowd surfers and a mosh pit started (considering the small number of people on the floor at the time that’s pretty impressive).
We’d like to extend a HUGE thank you to all of the bands that played, for making it an amazing night, each band we interviewed, for being so nice, and to all the new people we talked to last night. If you’re considering attending a local show, just go for it, there’s a whole community of people who won’t turn you down. (To get further insight into the night, check out our concert vlog below! Expect interviews with Los Shadows, Fake Tides, and T.Rexico to drop in the near future.)


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