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"The Single" – New Music Video From Female Fronted Band, Be All, End All

Article by Kyla Wyllie
Someone tell me what’s in the water at Play-Yah Records, and where can I get some for myself? Yet another band paving the way for girls in music, the San Diego natives of rock band, Be All, End All, recently released their debut music video for their song, “The Single.” Directed by Christopher Macken (who also directed A Blessing In Disguise, by Dylan Earl & The Reasons Why) and produced by Zak Mouton & Ryan Frailich of Play Yah Records, the video follows lead singer Carls Vertongen, who plays an on-duty lifeguard, throughout her day as she is constantly pestered by one of the beach-goers (played by lead guitar, Jack Severson). Switching back and forth between the band and the beach, this music video is not only well made, but entertaining to watch. Now I won’t spoil the plot for you, but lets just say things don’t end well for Severson.
(R.I.P Jack Severson ??-2016)
Anyways, just one of the tracks off of Be All, End All’s album, “Cortez,” “The Single” has a strong, prominent guitar track that really stands out. Match that Vertongen’s alluring vocals and relatable lyrics and you’ve got yourself a song that will stay on repeat. Seems like there’s a pattern of fresh and skilled people coming out of Play-Yah?  I think I speak for everyone when I say, “come on guys, save some talent for the rest of us!”
If you’re not already acquainted with Be All, End All, make sure to check out their band camp: & if you haven’t already caught on, keep an eye out for Play-Yah Records, they seem to know what they’re doing!

Carls Vertongen (Vocals)
Carley Fischer (Rhythm Guitar)
Jack Severson (Lead Guitar)
Kaylee Kussman (Bass)
Hannah Silverstein (Drums)

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